10 creative ways to use images in your social media posts

Introduction: There are tons of articles out there on how to make engaging social media posts. But what about the images that go along with those posts? We all know that visual content is vital for any social media plan, but beyond using a relevant picture, where do you go from there? How can you use your imagination to maximize engagement and expand reach?

You’re in luck!

Here are 10 different ways to present an image to get maximum traction and attract (and keep!) new fans and followers:

1: The ever-popular “One like = one prayer”

As Christians, we often see this kind of post – a simple prayer request with a Bible verse and the phrase “one like = one prayer”. There’s nothing wrong with this as such, but there’s so much more you can do with this idea!

2: The “A while ago we asked…”

Sometimes we want to ask a question or find out something from our community and we think, “One like = one prayer,” which is fine if that’s what you prefer. But what about asking for comments instead? Then people can feel free to post their thoughts and opinions without feeling pressured into giving a ‘like’. Post the question along with an engaging image and allow your community members to add their voice in the form of text. You could even try doing an Instagram poll if it fits the theme of your photo!

3: Turn yourself (or someone) into a meme

Memes are everywhere these days – they’re used in the funniest contexts, and they’re increasingly popular on social media. Why not create one to use as an image? Even if you don’t add a caption to it, I bet your fans will find something creative to do with it!

4: The “Pinned post” collage

When we pin our posts on Pinterest, we usually just share the title and maybe a couple of words from the description along with a link back to our site or blog. But consider using an image from that pinned post instead – after all, why would your audience want to go back to click through when you’ve given them all the info right there in front of them? It’s like giving yourself (or your brand) some free advertising!

5: Have a photo contest!

Creating a theme can be a great way to engage your audience – ask people to follow along with you and post related photos, and at the end of the week or month pick a winner who wins something small – everyone likes free stuff! Not only that, but it will be easier for your fans to remember if there is a certain kind of image they need to create. And think about the exposure you’re giving yourself – even if someone doesn’t win, their photo might still get seen by hundreds of other smart cookie fans.

6: Make an infographic

Infographics are so easy and effective nowadays – just do a quick Google search for ‘infographic maker’ and join the party! It’s so easy to create an engaging, informative post with a visually appealing infographic, and you can use them on pretty much any topic. Why not try one related to each of your posts for maximum impact?

7: Give people something to do

This is a simple idea – include words or images that have some hidden meaning in the background of the image…and then ask your followers to find whatever it is! It will take more effort than just giving them an image, but if they are keen enough on your page they’ll be happy to look for what you’ve asked them to. You can even mix it up by having different items appear on another person’s account – this way everyone still has their own unique goal!

8: Staggering quotes

This is along the same lines of asking people to find hidden things in your image – but it’s slightly more direct. Include a quote or series of words on an image, and ask followers to guess what they are! This sort of post will appeal to fans who like deeper posts that make them think, while still being relatively easy to do. They’re also great for generating long-term engagement with your following by allowing you to create quotes that are relevant at different times of year or month.

9: Testimonials

If you have happy customers or clients I’m sure their testimonials would be happy to oblige when asked, so why not turn them into images? You can even feature more than one person at once if they’re happy to help out. This is worth doing even if it’s just for your own branding – people like reading real opinions on brands and products, so they might find you more trustworthy as a result!

10: Come up with a visual-based problem/solution combo

If you have a service or product that solves a practical issue, why not show that? For example, if you run architecture firm maybe you could create an image that shows how the right building material can protect against extreme weather conditions. Let your potential customers know exactly what they’ll be getting from you by creating a kind of checklist. But remember to choose an informative image as well as one with visuals – there’s no point in being pretty if it doesn’t help communicate what you’re trying to do!


When you use images in your social media posts, the sky is the limit. I’m sure that some of these ideas might need a slightly more advanced level of Photoshop skills than others…but don’t let that stop you! Experiment with what has been shared here and create something completely unique to help maximize engagement across all of your platforms. Next step? Find out how to get even more engagement through hashtags!