10 Lies You Need to Tell before Admitting you’re not interested in Home Decor Yet

Hello, dear readers! I’m aware that you’re not interested in interior decorating yet. It’s okay. We all go through this phase in life (about 28 days into adulthood) when the thrill of throwing up some bookshelves and calling it “home” has worn off. You’ve moved past that point where you settle for anything resembling good taste (i.e., every college apartment). And now you want something more – but what? That’s what we at Women’s Outdoor Interiors are here to answer! No need to worry your little head about finding out what design style is really for you or which color palette will make you feel most like yourself – just look below for our list of 10 lies you’ll need to tell yourself before admitting the truth: that you’re not interested in Home Decor yet.

Because, in all honesty, what do you care about style? You want furniture with plenty of storage space and probably some kind of function! I mean aren’t they all basically the same (i.e., shit) anyways? And this is coming from a self-proclaimed “art girl” – trust me, it’s better for everyone if we just practice our best poker face until we figure out how to make a window seat work as a spare bedroom/shoe rack/guest bed!

Here are 10 Lies You Need to Tell before Admitting you’re not interested in Home Decor Yet:


2. but…but…I’m totally interested in this mirror too!

3. I’d pay good money for some decent side tables.

5. Gr8 lamps gr8 lampshades gr8 lamps gr8 lampshades….

6. There’s nothing wrong with this dresser, it just needs some brass knobs or something – I’ll find them on Pinterest!!!

7. No, these are really great area rugs, honest!!

8. Oh yeah of course the backs of the bookshelves do matter…I mean, you can’t really tell from here but they actually have this cool pattern that mirrors the front so it ties the whole room together – duh!

9. This isn’t a bed frame; it’s just a really awesome storage solution!!

10. Who needs a headboard when I’ve got this awesome nightstand with built-in planter?!


1. What if I never get myself interested in home decor?

Well, dear reader, what a simple problem to solve! Just make sure you buy a few pieces of furniture before you quit your job and become a full-time world traveler – furnishings are always great items to sell when you’re ready to move on to the next chapter in life! And don’t forget that safety deposit box at your bank – it’s so much easier than dealing with Craigslist, plus they provide the tape for free!!

2. But what if I still manage to fall in love with three or four different styles? This sucks!!!

Don’t worry; just keep all this “new stuff” hidden away until you’ve settled on one main look! No one will ever know…I mean, it’s not like you’ll ever have overnight guests or anything…

3. But what if I’m dying to start decorating but can’t figure out how to make everything work together?? Help!

Oh dear reader, you might be “one of those” who aren’t interested in home decor yet – ha! Or maybe you’re just an over-thinker, which is totally normal. Here’s my advice: take a deep breath and stop thinking about your home as something that reflects your life – instead try telling yourself that it’s simply a collection of things that are nice to look at. Doesn’t that sound so much easier? I mean why would anyone want to spend hours agonizing over paint colors (i.e., anxiety-inducing) if they could instead pick up a few essentials at their local IKEA? I truly believe that anyone can look at a room and tell whether or not it has a calming vibe! After all, what’s the difference between a generic “home” and your home??

4. But won’t my living space start to feel so…tired?!?

Of course, just like everyone else with an IKEA sofa that doesn’t really work in their apartment anymore. It happens to all of us – it’s no big deal! At least you’ve been given the opportunity to figure out who you really are, right? That’s one thing about being from Generation Y that I’m truly thankful for – we’re a lot more sensitive, but also a lot less wasteful!

5. But…but…are you saying I should never care about home decor?

Don’t worry; the day will come when you’ll find yourself suddenly wanting to add your personal stamp to your living space! In fact I bet it’ll be way sooner than you think!!


Some people love home decor, others never give it a second thought. In the end, you need to make your house a place that makes you happy by doing things that make sense for your life! But if anyone ever questions how you can stomach keeping those awful IKEA shelves…just tell them “this is my story and I’m sticking to it!”