3 Celebs Who Do Not Seem As Either Straight or Gay

There are celebs who said that they felt an attraction for more than just one gender. Some seem to be straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual. Some have even ditched the traditional labels of being straight and more outspoken about loving both males and females when it comes to their personal lives. Celebs especially are not so open when it comes to discussing their love and sex life, barring a few in Hollywood.

According to an article published on https://www.cosmopolitan.com, Bella Thorne cited that she is pansexual and she felt that her label as a bisexual isn’t correct for her. Read on to learn about some of the celebs, who do not seem as either straight or gay.




Julianne Hough admitted to her husband that she is not straight

She told in an interview in some women’s health magazine that she told her spouse that she is not straight. The fans interpreted that Julianne is speaking against bisexual crossing out. She told that when she admitted to her hubby that she isn’t straight, her husband said, “I am sorry, what?” Julianne was not sorry for not being straight and chose to be with her man. This way, Hough was quite honest and candid without hiding anything from her partner in life.

Julianne is a singer and actress, as well as a dancer known as a judge in shows like Dancing with the Stars. Like celebs, we all must be honest in our relationships and with respective partners.


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Miley Cyrus tells she is pansexual

Miley told openly that she is pansexual. She was quite open in her interviews of late, and about her take on sexuality and gender. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Miley said that a huge part of her personality is being a strange person. She believes that individuals fall in love with human beings and not genders, neither look nor appearance. Her love is more of a spiritual level and of course not related to gender and sexuality.

The new generation partnerships or relationships are not about gender and sexuality. According to her, sex is a little part, and gender is a smaller and unrelated aspect of human relationships.

Bella Thorne though known to be bisexual but now seem as pansexual


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In 2016, Bella Thorne replied to a tweet that she is bisexual. However, in the year 2019, Thorne said that she is pansexual while promoting her book in an interview on the popular show Good Morning America.

Bella said that she did not know that until someone explained what pansexual means. It is like she likes human beings and she likes what she likes. It is as simple as that. It need not be a guy, girl, he, she, they, them, this or that. It just means Bella likes personalities. The explanation is simple and straightforward. Her likes and dislikes are not limited to just gender and sexuality. It could be anyone, a man, a woman, and any person she feels attracted to in her life.

Final words

Now, you that these celebs are not identified as straight or gay. It is humans and personalities. It is all that matters. Love matters!