4 Tips on how to use curtains in décor and get the best look from them

When it comes to home décor curtains are something which cannot be ignored. Curtains have this amazing power to change the look of your room in a matter of minutes. Curtains add glamour and class to your house. They give your rooms an aura where the atmosphere changes completely on adding them in the room. This is why it becomes very important for you to choose curtain according to your desire and needs of your room. You need to choose curtains carefully because they are not something which you can buy every now and then; they are a huge investment which goes a long way in changing the look of your room.

If you have been looking for some good curtain ideas, here we have compiled few which will help you get started with curtains:

1) Know what kind of curtain will suit your home best-

There are primarily 3 types of curtains- blackout curtain, insulated/thermal control curtain, and standard curtains.

Blind blackout curtains are the best choice if you live in a warmer region. If your house gets too much of sunshine during summer days, a curtain that blocks sunlight is a good option for you because it helps in maintaining the temperature inside your house and also saves energy by not letting heat enter your house. Especially glass doors need these kinds of curtains so that they don’t get heated up due to sunlight coming from outside.

Insulated/thermal control curtains are best suit for houses having large windows or wood houses. Because it helps in keeping warm inside your room during winters. You can use cloth-backed vinyl or any other material which has good thermal qualities to keep warm inside rooms.

Standard curtains fall under the category of the traditional curtain which is usually the first choice of people when it comes to decorating their homes. These types of curtain do not change much in terms of temperature but they give an elegant look to your room.

2) Selecting the right colour for curtains-

Colour is a very important consideration before buying or making curtains because it has a direct impact on the atmosphere inside your home. Usually, dark colors absorb heat and light colors provide a cooling effect so you should use light colors if your house gets too much sunlight during summer days otherwise choose dark colors if you have wintered at home because white or any other bright color absorbs heat faster than darker shades. You can also go for grey as it doesn’t affect rooms by heating up or cooling down.

3) Make use of curtains in different areas of the house-

It is advisable to use some kind of curtains everywhere in your home. For example, you can choose blackout curtains for your living room because it blocks sunlight that comes inside. During the afternoon and can prevent your furniture from getting heat by sunlight. You can also make use of thermal control curtain in the bedroom to keep warm during winter nights.

4) Get creative with curtains-

You can use different materials for making your own curtains. You can cut up clothes or bed sheets, table cloths or any other fabric material which you like to make curtain. It is always better to opt for blackout and thermal control type of curtain because standard ones don’t serve much purpose in maintaining the temperature inside your rooms. But if you already have window coverings installed in your home, you may not want to change them but instead give them a new look by adding some style elements like stylish curtain rods, tassels etc.

So these are some important factors which you need to consider when buying or making new curtains. Hope this information will help you in understanding what exactly you need for all the rooms in your house.


Curtain ideas are easy to find if you get an idea about which type of curtain suits your home best, there after you can easily shop around for the right kind of style and fabric. You can also opt for DIY curtain or rather fabric curtains because it is cheap and easy to make. If you have time at hand, go for traditional curtain.