4 Ways Memes Will Strengthen Your Recruitment Process

When recruiting, your intention is to get the most experienced people in the industry to join your team. This may mean calling attention to all the positive aspects of joining your company that the targeted potential employee may not be getting from his current employer.

Normal job descriptions have become very cliché in that they all have prose that goes on and on. A good job opportunity can be easily missed because all job adverts at some point start to look the same. Even companies that claim to have a relaxed culture have become victim to this trap of dull job adverts.

You can make your recruitment approach more effective by incorporating memes. Memes will do the following for your recruitment strategy:

  1. Get you only the best employees

If you want to poach somebody really good from a different company to take a senior position in your company, a normal job posting may not do it.

Make a meme video that will sell them the dream of having a luxury car and a home. Show them how they will fly first class for business and pleasure. Entice them with the prestige of mingling with world renowned business people in five star hotels.

Simply put, be different. Use memes to make your job advert stand out and attract only the best.

  1. Memes to demonstrate a safe working environment

Anyone looking to join a new company wants to get better working conditions, better pay, health insurance and allowances such as transport, food and housing.

You can entice employees by using memes to draw parallels of their current bad work conditions and the good working environment you are promising them.

For instance, “is your current job a death trap?” (Make some illustrations of a very worried looking guy who works in a construction site without safety tools or workman’s compensation)…… “At XYZ Corporation, we care for our own” (Now show the worker your attractive offering with pictures of a safe working environment and smiling employees who go home to smiling families because they no longer worry for their lives).

  1. Use memes to show vision and value

In your recruitment profile or company website, you most likely have listed your mission statement as well as what the vision of your company is.

Individuals have values and vision of their own too and most seek to join a company that will complement their values and help them to work towards their visions.

You can use memes to show yourself as a perfect partner in this regard. For instance, use a picture of you and an employee working hand in hand to achieve individual and company visions. For creating a meme for your placement ad click here.

  1. Distinguish yourself as an equal opportunity employer

Market yourself as an equal opportunity employer who recruits and treats all people equally in spite of their religion, gender, disabilities or sexual inclination.

Though many companies tout themselves as equal opportunity employers, this is not necessarily true. For this reason, your memes should feature real employees in order to be believable. For instance, a meme showing a disabled employee as the head of security in your work premises or a woman as the head of IT – both these scenarios say a lot about your company’s recruitment ethics.

Next time you are recruiting, come up with some creative memes and experience great improvement in your recruitment process.