4 Ways to Create an Attractive Business Card for Effective Marketing- An Overview by Michael Osland

Whether your business already has a niche in the market or a startup, you will need some advertising tools such as business cards to attract your associates and customers. When you do so, use innovative content with a suitable marketing pitch. It will help you persuade a new customer to get interested in your product and service. Work with a service provider of business card printing to put your ideas on graphic design.

Some ideas from Michael Osland to create a business card that will bring more customers-

  1. Essentials only

A business card should not contain all the details of your services and products. This palm-size paper usually has a small space on the front and back of it. Pick the most important content of the marketing strategy and put it on the card. You can include a one-line slogan of your company, your name, and your designation. The information should suffice to convince the readers. Add your brand logo, business name, phone number, email, and address of the office on its backside.

  • Visual appeal

The presentation of the logo design of your company is the most important part of the content to do the talking at first sight. Make your brand name bold, highlight it to catch eyes, and make them easy to remember it for a long time. Use some vibrant colors with the outstanding pattern that suits your trait of business. Add a short company slogan and avoid too many texts because they can be boring at first sight. Find a business card printing to help you createthe best layout to attract more people.

  • Keep engaging

The name of your brand written in a distinctive font can instantly attract several eyes as soon as you hand over a business card to someone. Put a distinctive color for the font over the backdrop that has soft contra color. This format will allow receivers to read the content when taking a quick look without squeezing their eyes. It can create a higher chance of keeping customers engaged with your brand. Avoid using lengthy text with tiny font sizes that can annoy people at first sight.

  • Terse and onto the point

Your company might have some achievements but writing a success story on the business card. Put everything in a very short description. Some people also use monograms or initials of company names on the top of the card and full names with smaller fonts below the monogram. According to Michael Osland, such a big monogram can prompt customers to read the following lines. To impress your target audience with the shortest line, you need to associate with a reputed printing company that provides quality business card printing.

Using business cards can help you promote your business by inciting customers to touch and feel the message. Besides business cards, greeting cards, brochures, and flyers are some examples of advertising tools you can use on various occasions.  Make sure you make the most out of printed advertising with the help of professionals,