5 Hollywood Celeb Tips to Make Your Wardrobe Instagram-Worthy

When you cannot decide which dress to wear for that special event without drowning yourself in a heap of clothes, you need a wardrobe makeover and that too in Hollywood style. Yes, it is possible if you can transform your closet into a Hollywood celeb-like style, making your attire look Instagram-worthy.

You can take inspiration from Khloe Kardashian, Beyonce, and other celebs to design a wardrobe you have dreamed of all these years.

According to an article published in Forbes, you can organize your closet and make it look perfect in many ways. For example, you can use draw dividers to segment out large drawers and design three mini drawers into one. You can use them to keep intimates, bras, socks, and things like that.

In this article, we will walk you through five Hollywood celeb tips to make your wardrobe Instagram-worthy. Read on to learn more.

1. Opt for decorative handles and knobs

One of the essential ways to revamp your wardrobe is choosing decorative handles and knobs to exude a sense of luxury, style, and elegance. If you are looking to make your closet look like that of a Hollywood star, you need to think about sophistication. Then, that does not mean you break your bank to design a stunning closet. There are many affordable ways to remodel your wardrobe for that picture-perfect look.

2. Upgrade the closet hangers

Did you know that Khloe Kardashian hired Lisa Adams to revamp her wardrobe? You too can hire a closet designer, who will help you choose some cool hangers and do away with the old and mismatching ones. A hanger upgrade alone will give your wardrobe a new, classy look that will make others envious of your style and taste.

3. Use a mirror to make your wardrobe appear bigger

It is one of the best closet design tricks to help you to make your wardrobe look and feel bigger. Include a full-size mirror to dead closet space, say the experts in the industry. It makes your wardrobe look more spacious. Make sure you use a framed mirror for a better appeal. It will help in bringing a unique material component into your wardrobe makeover.

4. Choose a couple of acrylic shelf drivers

Your wardrobe should not only look beautiful but also organized and clutter-free. According to Adams, you can pick out some acrylic shelf dividers to keep stacks of sweaters and women’s purses vertical, neat, and organized. You can also the style of Khloe, who likes to keep her books separate on the topmost shelf. A neat and organized wardrobe exudes a sense of style and aesthetics. After all, who like to open a closet that is in a mess and looks disorganized?

5. Design a sitting area in your closet

Yes, you need to include a sitting area in the closet provided you have that much space. It will make your wardrobe a perfect living space even when you can manage to accommodate a round-shaped ottoman. Use the sitting area to lounge or just placing your shoes.


Now that you have wardrobe makeover tips from the celebs, it is time to perk up your closet to create that Hollywood-style and impact.