5 Tips for Selling your Home Faster by making it look like You Don’t Really Care about it at All

Selling a home can be stressful and expensive, especially with the state of the economy as it is today. No one wants to put their house on the market and have it sit there for six months or longer without getting any offers. It’s important to get your home prepared to sell as quickly as possible so you can move on to something else.

There are more ways than one that you can speed up this process of selling your home, but here are some ideas that work very well:

1) If you’re going to put a little effort into attracting buyers, make sure they’re high end

If people think they’re going to walk into an empty house with dull white walls and old carpeting they’ll look around and say “I can’t live here,” and then they’ll be on their way. You need to have a fresh coat of paint, new carpeting and some nice add-ons to show everyone you put in a little bit of effort.  

You don’t have to go crazy by spending thousands of dollars on stuff you’ll never use again. But it does help if you at least get the basics so that the house looks halfway decent instead of being completely empty.

2) Keep your pets away from the house while it’s being shown

It’s understandable that people with pets want buyers to see how great their pet interacts with them and how well trained them are, but try having your pet stay elsewhere for a few days while potential buyers come in.

Not only will this make the house look less crowded, but your pets may act completely different when there are other people in the house and it’s important to show potential buyers that they’ll be comfortable here too.

3) Keep the kitchen immaculate while the house is on the market

Kitchens sell homes more than any other room, so take your time during every showing to wipe down all of the counters, stovetop and sink before you head out for an appointment. The last thing you need is a buyer walking into a dirty kitchen for their second showing that day.

4) Don’t bother with deep cleaning jobs…or even small ones really

When you have visitors coming through almost every day for multiple days in a row, you’re probably thinking about paying for a deep cleaning service to come in and make everything look amazing. The problem with this is that it takes time away from getting back out there and finding you a buyer.

If your home looks nice every now and then, but not absolutely spotless several times over the course of a month or two, buyers will still think they can live here without too much hassle.

5) Put yourself first once in a while

It’s fine to have family members stop by to bring meals at least once or twice while your house is on the market, but try not to let friends take up all of your weekends with open houses or other events where people are coming through constantly because you will miss out on selling your home.

Once you get tired of spending your weekends by yourself trying to sell a house. It’s time to cut back on what you’re doing so that people can start coming in more often and viewing the property by themselves.


Q: Is it okay to bring family members by my open house sometimes?

A: It’s fine to have family stop by during your open house to drop off meals, but try not to let them stay too long so the buyers can get an idea of how it will be when they move in.

Q: If I miss out on selling my home that I’m trying to sell because of all the house showings, is there anything else that I could do instead?

A: Try getting in touch with a real estate agent who can give you some good ideas for speeding up the process. They may have some tricks up their sleeve or even use services like ForSaleByOwner.com where you don’t need an agent!


When you’re trying to sell your house there are some simple things that you can do to get the ball rolling and help it sell faster. Spend a few extra dollars on nice carpeting, paint, and furniture while also making sure that the house looks presentable even when an open house is taking place.

Also, take care of any bad smells or stains in your carpets by getting them professionally clean. Trying to keep pets out of the way so potential buyers won’t distract by their antics during showings.

Finally, determine what type of real estate agent is going to work best for you. Start looking around with many options in mind!