5 Ways to Blame Your Partner for a Broken Home Decor Item

When something breaks in your home, some people are able to simply sweep it under the rug. Not you though. You know that finding a solution quickly is of utmost importance if you want to fix this problem while minimizing damage and wasted time. So what do you do? You immediately turn to your life partner or roommate for answers! Yet here’s the thing: Blaming them for breaking that new decorative cup might not be entirely fair…

Here are 5 alternative places you can pin the blame on when taking responsibility is just too hard.

The Neighbor’s Chihuahua

You probably remember seeing those pesky kids from across the street playing fetch with their family dog as they were walking by earlier today. They had been at it all day, tossing ball after ball for their pup. And while you were over here reading, at least 5 tennis balls rolled right in front of your apartment’s main doorway! You meant to close the door halfway before it happened, but there was no time! The second you took a step into that hallway, the tiny white fuzz ball made its move and sprinted straight through your home. That dog didn’t even apologize–not that he could though because he is a dog–but his family sure did when they saw the mess…

The Coffee Shop Downstairs

We’ve all been there: You go to grab something from your fridge only to find out its completely empty! But it probably isn’t completely empty since there are usually condiments in there. Except you know for that time when you poured soy sauce all over your secret recipe fried chicken. That’s right, this one is on you. But the real question here is how did it get out? You had made sure to close the fridge all the way! It wasn’t like someone could have come by and used the handle to nudge it open either because nobody was home at the time of the incident! Hmm… maybe your coffee shop downstairs has some special equipment they use to access your food while you’re away.

The Bear in Your Backyard

It turns out that bears do exist in our modern world. You thought it would be nice to go outside early this morning without checking first on whether or not there were any around, and that’s when it happened: A bear came up to you and asked for a snack! Since you had no food on your person, you decided to go inside and grab a granola bar from the kitchen. It was only after taking a few bites out of it that you realized it was actually one of those protein bars with peanut butter in them. Yes, this is definitely your fault.

The Person Who Moved Your Lamp

Remember how we mentioned the bear incident earlier? Well, this time this little guy comes into play as well because he was actually responsible for pushing over your lamp while you were outside feeding him his recommended daily allowance of calories. But he wasn’t going to eat anything without a fight! He was desperate to get to your granola bar! And with a full day of roughhousing ahead of him, he had to do something with all that energy. So out the window, he went! This is definitely going to cost you an arm and a leg though…

The Tooth Fairy

Before going into hibernation for winter, this little guy decided to bring over his family as well. But the only problem was they didn’t have anywhere to stay! All those years ago when your parents told you about the tooth fairy, they never mentioned anything about housing limitations. Now you have six new roommates who are making themselves right at home in your living room and kitchen (but mostly kitchen). You’ll probably be getting some more rent checks soon but we wouldn’t count on it if we were you.


Taking responsibility for your actions is important, but sometimes it’s just not possible to do so. It might be because someone else got to it first or maybe you can’t even explain what happened in the first place! Either way, blame always has a place to go.