8 Celebrities Who Managed Their Wardrobe Malfunctions Like an Expert

Celebrities are often captured with embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions. Whether it is a ripped dress on a red carpet event or a tumble down the steps in an award show our celebs have gone through a lot. However, Most of them know how to handle such mishaps with grace and good humor. This article consists of such moments when our favorite celebs handled their wardrobe malfunctions like a pro.


Beyonce has faced wardrobe malfunctions of almost every kind from getting her hair trapped in a fan during her show in Montreal eight years ago to tumbling down the steps at the Beyonce Experience Tour in 2007. According to cosmopolitan, in 2016, during her performance at New York’s Citi Field Stadium her leotard got ripped at her hip but her fans missed this serious wardrobe malfunction. Beyonce handled it perfectly by holding her outfit together with her hands and continued her performance flawlessly.

Cardi B

In June 2019, during her performance at the Bonnaroo Arts and Music Festival, her dress got ripped open at the back. When this happened, she went backstage and changed into a bathrobe. Before going backstage, Cardi B handled the situation by telling the audience about the incident and when she returned, she delighted her audience by saying “We gonna keep it moving baby. We gonna keep it sexy. I don’t know-how in this bathrobe, but we gonna do it.” This is how Cardi B handled the situation.

Dakota Johnson

While receiving her People’s Choice Award, A malfunction happened with the buttons on Dakota Johnson’s dress. Before the presenters of the show came for her help, Dakota handled the situation with her humor by jokingly saying “Leslie just broke my dress”. 

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton almost fell when one of her shoes got stuck in a grate during St. Patrick’s Day. With the help of Prince William, she kneels and gracefully removed her shoe from the grate and also continued the event. During a royal tour of Canada, Prince William and Kate Middleton stopped at the Calgary International Airport. When she was getting off the plane, the wind pushed her skirt upward but before the mishap happened she expertly held it down. These are the two wardrobe malfunctions that Kate handled expertly.

Elizabeth Olsen

Elizabeth Olsen wore a pretty black dress at the Miu Miu fragrance launch party. A blast of air nearly got her skirt up but she handled the mishap on time by covering herself with her clutch bag.

Gigi Hadid

During her New York Fashion Week walk in 2017, one of Gigi’s heels broke before stepping on the runway but she handled the mishap by walking on her tip-toe for the rest of the show. Similarly In her 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Gigi just rocked the runway with one of her straps across her stomach broken.

Sarah Hyland

During the red carpet event at Emmy Awards in 2017, Sarah wore a pretty red dress that suffered a malfunction. A small part of her Spanx was visible. She handled the situation by posting a series of hilarious photos of the moment when she noticed the malfunction on her Instagram by putting the caption “Kickstarting fall off with a PSL dress and also a splash of Spanx”.

Katherine Heigl

When Katherine went to the stage for accepting the award of Female Star of the Year at the ShoWest Awards in Las Vegas in 2010, her dress also suffered a malfunction. One of her straps broke but she handled the situation and also gave her acceptance speech by holding her dress up. 


Wardrobe malfunction is a common thing.However, For celebrities, such mishaps are embarrassing as they occur in front of the audience. But these are some of our favorite celebs that handled their wardrobe malfunctions gracefully and humorously like a pro.