8 Certified Skills Received by Excellent Home Decor Interior Design Professional

Home Decor

Interior design and home decor is considered an art, just as much as a profession requiring a lot of dedication, knowledge and expertise. Throwing furniture and painting over walls can be done by just about everyone. If you wish to be a professional in home decor and interior designing, you must have certified skills in the following areas:

  1. Floor Planning

Interior decor will have different effects depending on the floor plan. The best floor plans will give make decoration easy and will determine future redecorations.  Therefore, a professional in interior designing should have certified knowledge and skills on elevations, sections, use of space and the general floor planning.

  1. Furniture styles, placement and selection

There are many kinds of furniture for home and office use. As a home decor professional, you should understand the essentials of furniture placement, the history of the furniture as well as the different architectural styles for furniture. Sourcing for furniture in projects is your work as the home decor artist and this means that you should be aware of showrooms with the best furniture, as well as whom to go to for customized cabinetry and furniture.

  1. Fabrics

Home decor is as mush determined by fabric as is the lighting used. The fabrics should match the home or office theme. A skilled home decor artist must have the capacity and a good eye for high quality fabrics and beddings.

The mattresses bought should all include a Mattress topper for sufficient rest and maximum comfort for the client and at affordable rates. This means that you should have adequate knowledge on the best shops with the best fabrics and beds. In most cases, mattress toppers will be found in home furniture showrooms.

  1. Selection of colour schemes

The home style can limit the colours that can be used but as a professional, you must have knowledge on the psychology of colours, trends, distribution and the dealers with the highest quality paints with all colour arrays. Knowledge of the colour wheel and colour terms is therefore vital.

  1. Flooring and Lighting

The type of flooring that will have the maximum benefits to the home owner and one that matches the home style matters. As a professional, you must know all the flooring types available, the cost, and the benefits of one over the other. The presentation board also matters. You should also have knowledge of all the lighting trends, quality and types as well as limitations and advantages of all available lighting.

  1. Accessories

How plants, accessories and pictures are incorporated in the home decor will tell you if the person designing is a professional or not. Minimal accessories or use of accessories to create a focal point are some of the decorative designs ideas used by professionals.

Artwork, prints and wall groupings have to be organized in a particular way that doesn’t make a room cluttered. They should follow a theme as well.

  1. Walling

The walls have to be designed and decorated perfectly for beautiful home decor. The finishes and wall coverings should resonate with the theme. Window treatments are also essential and a professional wouldn’t miss this.

  1. Consultation

Home decor artists and interior designers should have business and management skills needed to run a consultancy firm. Compensation methods, preparation of invoices and project management are required and you should have certification of these.  Understanding of legal issues and liabilities is also critical for you to be certified as a professional interior designer and decorator.

In conclusion, for you to be a certified home decorator you must have knowledge of the above, be creative and have written certification to confirm the same. Understanding these fundamentals of a house/ a room are essential for one to have a prosperous career in interior designing and home decor.