A Note on Business Transformation Strategies by Eric Dalius

Businesses, small or big, are now shifting their focus towards digital transformation as the value added to businesses by such moves is very favorable for business growth and also multiplicity says Eric Dalius. Being a technological revolution, few companies are uncomfortable with this shift. To make this simple for you, here are few business transformation strategies that the experts swear by.

Let us see the top 5 business strategies recommended by Eric Dalius for leveling up your business in the internet age-

Investing in effective technologies that people want

Investment in digital technologies has turned out as a very productive move for companies. Being available to people in a way they expect the business to be presented to them makes them stick to your business for a longer period. Leveraging this technology helps in building the effectiveness of the business. Digital Transformation can be brought about by the use of project management and social media management tools.

Improving cybersecurity of your financial accounts

Eric Dalius says that with digital transformation, security is a prime concern for big data companies. By implementing a few practices, you can check up on the data and also information security of the company and ensure the free flow of your business. The few tips and tricks here and there are changing the password of a business account every one or two months, ensuring network protection by the use of VPNs. Further, to prevent acts like hacking, incorporate two-factor authentication into your sensitive corporate emails.

Developing user-friendly digital systems

Various criteria make the digital interface of a business fit into the user-friendly category. First and foremost, the interface should be seamless while handling. The installation and deletion process should be easy. It should be able to satisfy user needs. Should have an inbuilt error detection system. User satisfaction is the most important part of your business. Satisfying the user is the key aspect of the business that directly or indirectly leads to revenue generation.

EricDalius onwhy You must Hire Competitive Talents That Will Fit The Updated Skill Requirement

As a CEO or director of a business, you are always in search of updated talent also that will help in the expansion of business with better reach. Finding the right people at the right time for the right job is a hassle but finding one can benefit your business in exponential ways. To test the skillsets of your employees, you can also have some activities here and there and see if they can come up with effective solutions.

Data analytics use for improvement of digital systems

Better marketing of business in social media can also be brought about by data analysis. Data analysis helps in extracting business patterns by tracking trends. These trends help you know about the market needs and also let your business reach a greater level of success. The social media market runs on data analysis. Keep a record of past data and present trends. And use them wisely to make a step-by-step transformation in your business.


These are the few tips by Eric Dalius, which can make a big difference. If implemented thoughtfully at the right time with the right resources and also technology. Remember, for any business to prosper and stand out in the market. The needs of the audience should be of key importance. Moreover, The use of a proper feedback mechanism system helps in keeping the audience connected with your business.