Access to safe and quality drinking water and make life healthy

According to the report by the World Health Organization, contaminated and impure water is the cause of more than 2 million deaths every year. Drinking water that is not been treated will bore a number of disease-causing microorganisms and contaminants and thus is not suitable for drinking. Small children and old age people are most vulnerable for water-borne diseases as their levels of immunity are very low and they can catch infection easily.

Why should we use water purifiers to treat water?

According to a report by the United Nations, most of the drinking water in our country is not ideal for drinking purposes and can pose serious health risks. In ancient days’ people believed in mere boiling of water to purify it. In modern time, that practice alone is not enough and people have to rely on water purifiers to remove impurities and eliminate microbes from the water. A water purifier is capable of removing all impurities from the water, be it physical, chemical and biological. There are different types of water purifiers as well such as RO, RO+ UV and lots more.

With the help of these water purifiers, all chemicals and contaminants in the water are eliminated from the groundwater. It also removes contaminants such as bacteria, algae, parasites, fungi, heavy metals and chemical pollutants from the water. In many western countries, public drinking water is purified to make it safe for consumption for its people. Such a system is not applicable to a country like India where getting water itself is a big constraint.

Thought the government takes many measures to supply purified drinking water in public zones, people prefer to keep their own water purifying system in their home so as to protect their family from water-borne diseases. there are a number of leading brands of water purifiers available in the market and Aqua guard is a renowned name among them. People can easily search for Aqua guard service near me online for product related information and easy installation of the system.

Health Benefits of Purified Water

Different countries in the world have their own water regulation policies. They purify and treat the water before supplying it to their citizens so as to meet the EPA’s requirements of minimum contaminants in the water. Although all measures are taken to ensure that the public drinking water is safe for consumption, there could be some trace elements that impact the health negatively.

Heavy metals in water such as coppers and lead could be extremely toxic to health. They can cause stomach related ailments and brain damage with continuous ingestion. Thus in-home and personal water purifying system is an excellent way to remove chemicals metals and other impurities depending on the level of purification system used.

Water purification systems such as charcoal filters remove chlorine that is a commonly added chemical in public water supplies as a disinfectant. Another benefit of drinking purified water is that it removes unpleasant taste associated with chemically treated water and metal plumbing. The result is fresh and pure-tasting drinking water.

Leveraging on the best water purification system:

A water purifier is essential equipment for both the house and the office. A water purifier delivers a 100% safe drinking water. Choosing the best water purification system depends on a number of factors such as water source in the customer’s home, their budget constraints, level and the type of impurities present in the water, etc. There are a number of water servicing centers in the country that offers expert advice in choosing the best purification system based on the needs of the client. The RO service center offers a complete solution for all types of water purifier. Aqua guard is one of the leading water purifying systems that treat water with reverse osmosis and ultraviolet purification. It is available in different price points as well. They render the best servicing and maintenance services as well.

Benefits of RO water system servicing:

There are a number of RO servicing centers in the country that offers Aqua guard purifier service. They render repair, installation, and maintenance of Aqua guard water purifiers. They render same day service and hold a team of experts in having vast knowledge in offering comprehensive and integrated water service solutions. The experienced staff help their clients in selecting the most suitable model of the purifier and also helps in its installation as per the needs of the customer.

In order to keep a purifier in a well-maintained condition, periodic maintenance and servicing of the purifier are very important. They offer quality service for an extended period and helps clients with expert advice from professional water service engineers. With constant usage and continuous wear and tear, any system can wear out. It may mandate repairing the damage as required and the Aqua guard repair near me services help in enhancing the performance of the purifier along with elongating its life span.

Apart from on-demand sales, repair and services, these RO service solutions center offer attractive annual maintenance packages. This is a continuous, comprehensive and cost-effective measure to ensure safe drinking water all through the year.

Water purification solutions at doorstep:

RO care centers in India have the best-trained professionals in their team who help in delivering the best RO water purifiers at the most affordable charges. They render services at the doorstep of the clients, be it product delivery, installation, repair or replacement. Replacement of damaged parts comes as a part of their annual maintenance contract. Their service charges are nominal and are within the budget of people. They are cost-effective compared with buying bottled water every time. People are able to reach the service centers through their toll-free numbers and the customer service executives are ready to take up their calls round the clock. The service center executives talk in multiple languages and there is no language barrier for access to pure drinking water.