Advanced Approach of Attracting New Customers to Business by Eric J Dalius

Eric J Dalius says there are many time-tested ways to increase your brand’s reach and attract new customers to your business. In the fast-changing consumer market, we have to add those strategies in light of the modern school of thought. Let us further discuss some of such advanced approach to attracting customers to your brand.

1. Offer promotions and discounts to new customers

Customers nowadays are increasingly looking for value-added deals. You can easily introduce your business to them by offering introductory discounts or special deals like buy one – get one free, etc. Such attractive bargains will help attract new customers who consider doing business and fall in for it by getting an add-on incentive. In the case of your current customers, track what they tend to buy and which offers they tend to redeem the most so that you can target them better in the future with personalized promotional offers.

2. Get referrals

Once you gain customer loyalty, feel free to ask them for more referrals. As Eric J Dalius suggests, your existing customers can be the best sources to get new customers. However, you cannot wait passively for them to take the initiative and refer their friends and colleagues to you. Instead, remind them of doing the same and offer a token of appreciation if they refer you to others.

3. Try to reconnect with old customers

You should try to revisit the contacts of old customers who have not had business with you for a while and try to re-establish the connection. Maintain a regular schedule of doing this; say, for example, quarterly or bi-yearly. Choose the customers you have not seen for the last six months and send a random communication to them through mail, text, or phone as ‘we miss you for a while’ and invite them to check out your latest offers and promotions.

4. Do networking through new ways suggested by Eric J Dalius

When it comes to spreading brand awareness, there is no better way than networking with new people and telling them what you can offer. Join trade associations, local commerce chambers, networking organizations, and attend business meetups. Along with these, there are endless options online, too, at social networking platforms and focus groups to network with prospective customers.

5. Update your website

For modern-day consumers and B2B buyers, searching online is the primary way to find prospective businesses. It means that your websites need to be always updated and do some heavy lifting so that the customers can find you easily and explore your offerings. Also, update your SEO and SEM techniques and make the same mobile-friendly too.

Along with these measures, you can also try to partner with complementing businesses for promotions and share valuable information regarding your niche industry with the customers. It is also advantageous now to leverage the extra push online review and rating sites can offer. Maintain an action plan to participate and initiate community events and benefit from referral traffic to your online platforms.