Oils over Prescription Drugs and The 3 Main Essential Oil Brands Caring For You

Essential Oils

Drugs do not cure diseases. They only manipulate your pain receptors by giving your body misinformation about the disease. Drugs are foreign elements introduced into your body and since they are unrecognizable, they cannot be excreted after their ‘job’ is done. They are stashed away in your fat tissue poisoning the body slowly.

Essential oils on the other hand are natural. They are immediately recognized once in the body and act on the receptors reversing the cause of the disease. You should therefore consider your options before crying out, ‘I will take some Ibuprofen for the pain’. The most recognized advantages of essential oils include:

  1. Multidimensional effects

Essential oils have a high homeostatic intelligence. They work to restore the body’s natural balance. The oils will adapt to change on body conditions by lowering or raising blood pressure as the body demands. They will express or repress enzyme production and the activity.

  1. They cleanse receptors

Compared to drugs that block the receptors, oils cleanse receptors. By addressing the cause of the imbalance and the disease at a cellular level, the main cause is identified and rooted out. This is done by reprogramming the expression of correct sequences and/or deleting the mis-expressed information.

  1. Antimicrobial effects

Though you use antibiotics all the time, they do not have good antibacterial effects. Drugs kill good and bad bacteria. Essential oils on the other hand have the capacity to differentiate the bacteria killing only the bad.

Essential oils naturally get rid of harmful bacteria, viruses, microbes etc.  This is why they are able to boost the immune system naturally and you won’t need immune boosters after taking essential oils.

  1. No harmful side effects

Essential oils are excreted after their use. They cause no side effects. Drugs, on the other hand aren’t recognized by the body, thus there is a channel for excretion. They are storedin adipocytes releasing toxins to the body slowly. These have adverse side effects and may cause other diseases.

Main Essential oil brands

In search of natural remedies to the body, the following oil brands sell the best and the purest essential oils:

Native American Nutritionals Essential Oils

This is an old essential oil brand in the market. The owners understand the need for pure essential oil free chemicals. They extract oils from the Ajowan seed and the Lemon USA Press Peeled. These have analgesic effects. They are immune boosters, lymphatic system cleansers, and also help the respiratory system.

Young Living Essential Oils

It is among the oldest essential oil companies producing pure and additive free essential oils. The oils are very expensive but the benefits are immense and worth the price paid. They produce about 86 brands of pure essential oils that cure most diseases and offer general wellness.

Rocky Mountains Oils

This brand of essential oils is 100% therapeutic. They have about 100 pure single essential oil brands. Their therapeutic properties make them suitable for massages. Nerve repair, immune boost, and better respiratory function is provided by specific combinations of essential oils.

In conclusion, essential oils are Mother Nature’s gif to us. They are compatible with the human body system and therefore result in good health. The oils will restore natural cell function, correct and restore DNA structure, give emotional balance, and have no adverse interactions. Therefore, you should consider the above and other essential oil brands for the purest essential oils.

Author Bio

David Whitaker is a biochemist working with a renowned essential oil brand. He loves travelling and exploring the wild. Learn more about all known essential oils and the benefits of each as well as the action of drugs in details from his blog.