All that you wanted to know about bounce house rentals

When looking for some affordable entertainment for your next event, you must not look beyond a bounce house because it is a perfect choice. Guests, especially kids would be thrilled to jump and dance across bounce houses that you can install by availing easy jump house rental that meets all kinds of needs. There can be hardly anything more fulfilling than seeing the smiling faces of kids jumping in and out from bounce houses also known as jump houses.  Be it a school or church event or birthday party or graduation ceremony, the idea of installing a temporary bounce house is truly unbeatable.

Renting is easy

When you contact a bounce house rental company, you must tell them about the available space that determines the shape, size, and design of bounce house and helps to choose the right one. Next, you must share with them your plan for a rental by specifying for how long you want to rent the set-up. Usually, rentals are available for 6-8 hours of playtime, but you can also look for customized packages in case you have some special requirement.

Once you book the order, the bounce house rental company would handle everything from bringing the equipment and supplies to the location to setting it up and finally unwinding the set-up when done and taking it back.

Safety is the top concern

The bounce castles or bounce houses are made from heavy-duty plastics that can withstand considerable load and stress when inflated and manufactured by following the recommended safety standards of the industry. In addition, the accessories like the blower that continually supplies air to keep the structure inflated must perform at peak efficiencies without any chances of breakdown to maintain the stability of the structure. The rental company takes care of the safety aspects so that you need not worry at all when kids play upon the inflated castle that makes them feel as if walking on the moon.

Pre-installation inspection

The rental company thoroughly inspects the equipment and accessories as well as the structural elements of the bounce house to ensure its safety before installing it. Moreover, since the bounce houses keep changing hands, it is the responsibility of the rental company to clean and sanitize everything before sending it to the client. The cleanliness of bounce houses is essential from the health aspect because dirty surfaces of bounce houses can make kids sick which the rental company can hardly afford as it will be detrimental for their business. However, you can check these aspects and be sure about safety and cleanliness before allowing the company to install the bounce house.

The choice of a bounce house, especially the design would depend on the kind of theme planned for the event. Besides, the available space where you want to install the bounce house is also an important factor because all designs are not of the same size. From Doll’s house to pirates and from sea world to frozen bounce houses, there are lots of designs and themes to choose from.