Another Brilliant Rapper Lost to the Nation: Rapper Juice WRLD Dies at Age 21

Rapper Juice WRLD lost his life at age 21 in Chicago after suffering a medical emergency. Rapper Juice WRLD had launched his rapping career on SoundCloud and also went on to become a streaming juggernaut. His ‘Lucid Dreams’ hit the top of the charts. He had just concluded a fantastic tour of Australia just a week ago but passed away on Sunday at Midway International Airport, Chicago after experiencing a medical emergency. The American rapper’s legal name happened to be Jarad A. Higgins and authorities still have not released any details regarding the cause of his death. The hospital authorities pronounced him dead around 3:15 a.m. and after several hours; he was taken to the medical examiner’s office at Cook County. After that, An autopsy scheduled to take place on Monday.

Investigations into the Tragic Death

After that Chicago police swung into action immediately and started a death investigation right away. However, the police did not suspect any indications of foul play. The police further said that the co-passengers on board the aircraft seemed to be cooperating with authorities regarding this matter. Meanwhile, Larry Langford, a spokesperson of Chicago Fire Department, said that Rapper Juice WRLD had experienced a cardiac arrest. It was before being taken away to the hospital straight away from a hangar. It runs by the Atlantic Aviation. That is away from Midway Airport’s main terminal, where only private planes are allowed to land.

A Career to Take Pride

The Chicago-born rapper was just two years out of his high school. His fluid, melodic sensibility along with his brilliant ability to write songs relating to depression, anguish, and drug addiction took him to the heights of glory and also an instant star was born. He was phenomenally popular for his brand of emo rap.

Just like his contemporary hip-hop performers, the American rapping star blended magically singing and rapping on his songs, mostly concentrating on music and at times, mumbling words. He independently released a track in 2017 called Lucid Dreams. That was on the lines of ‘Shape of My Heart’ by Sting. It released way back in 1993. Lucid Dreams proved to be his career-maker were acclaimed six-times as the Platinum success. Goodbye & Good Riddance was released in May 2018. It also got platinum success. There were 10 platinum hits including ‘All Girls Are the Same’, Robbery, Armed & Dangerous, Legends, and Fine China.

Juice: A Heart of Gold

In a brief time span, Juice was successful in making an intense impact on the minds of people globally. People knew him as a creative and gentle soul. His creativity was beyond all boundaries and limitations. The juice was an amazing and extraordinary human being and a highly-talented rapping artist who cared for all his followers and fans and loved them from the core of his heart. It is devastating for fans to lose such a precious person who was so close to their hearts.

His teachers remember him as an exceptional and creative student. Juice WRLD was a brilliant musician. He used to play many instruments. He was an outgoing person but very caring in his attitude. Juice always tried to help others. He had an amazing sense of humour and was introspective.

It is high time we did something about the string of deaths in the rapping world since 2017. However, the most disconcerting development has been the latest trend of American rappers dying when they are 21 which is the legal drinking age.