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Aron Govil is Chairman and CEO of Ducon Group, an overall total, whose associations are related with current planning and advancement, natural control, material dealing with, establishment, and redirection universally.

The Giving uses an unmistakable application process. Choice will zero in on perceiving the most advocating, gifted, and driven applicant. Notwithstanding, Academic importance will acknowledge a dire part as well. If nobody truly minds, note that the article will be review on quality, content, and explicitly, creativity.

Who Can Apply Aron Govil’s Giving?

All US based students can apply this scholarship.

Important Dates

Deadline For Application – November 30, 2022.
Winner Announcement Date –  December 15, 2022.

Scholarship Essay / Prompt

“Write about something you are passionate about? What makes it so appealing to you?”

Main Website For Aron Govil Giving

You can direct visit the main scholarship website by clicking here.

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