Are celebrities influencing and endorsing plastic surgeries and invasive treatment?

If you’ve heard “Born this way” by Lady Gaga, chances are you think it’s mostly landing on deaf ears! Today, reputed cosmetic surgeries have shared that eminent celebrities, models, pop-singers, and also other stars are getting frank about their surgeries. And also that is making commoners opt-in for the same as well, following the footsteps of their best stars. The leading cosmetic plastic surgeons confess that the celebrities who get more mentions for plastic surgeries are Kim Kardashian, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie, and Jennifer Anniston, amongst many others.

People and their demands

One look at Lady Gaga’s well-contoured face might make a person want to attain that chiseled facial perfection through surgery. Similarly, others might get attracted to various features in their best stars. Many raves about Angelina Jolie’s fuller lips and also finally take the help of lip augmentation. People also want to get Brad Pitt’s nose through rhinoplasty and the lower abs that Jennifer Aniston is known for. The phenomenon of wanting to look similar to your best star and also celebrity isn’t anything new.

However, expert plastic surgeons suggest that it is essential for people to know and understand that not every feature is attainable. And also even if a person seeks help from plastic surgery, the feature wouldn’t look natural. Furthermore, surgeons encourage people to discuss plastic surgery’s scope and also options before signing up for the same. It will help one to stay away from the unnecessary dangers that result from wrong surgery choice. 

Celebrities and their plastic surgeries

  • Kylie Jenner

Back in 2016, Kylie Jenner disclosed on her app that she had opted in for lip injections. She said that she had lip fillers and also that she has a habit of experimenting as well. And also down the years, if she finds that something wrong and also uncomfortable with her body, she might opt-in for plastic surgery to change it as well.

  • Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford made a bold confession! She said that after a certain age, creams don’t work inside the skin. It merely enhances the outer texture and fails to restore the elasticity. She shared that she counts on collagen, vitamin injections, and also Botox. That aside, Cindy Crawford maintains a rather simple lifestyle that has its benefits and also miracles. She makes it a point to drink ample water, exercise, and also eat healthily.

  • Chrissy Teigen.

Teigen is frank and bold! She didn’t have qualms in letting people know about her style routine. Mentioned getting a Botox in her armpits that prevented excess sweating. She claims that to be her best move and can wear silk without any trouble. Also, in 2017 she confessed of having another treatment to the armpits that added two inches to the arm length.

  • Kris Jenner.

Back in 2011, people noticed that Kris’s face had a face-lift in a “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” episode. It was done right before Kim’s wedding, and the audience loved Kris for this transparency and authenticity.

Celebrities and also other people opt-in for plastic surgery to enhance a part of their face or body. Whether it’s a fall-out of professional expectation or a personal choice, celebrities are endorsing cosmetic surgery. And also that has been breaking the taboo attached to it as well.