Are Menu Boards Worth What They Cost?

Menu boards provide restaurant owners a cost-effective way to communicate to their customers. Menu board cost will vary based on where you purchase it. However, the total amount you spend will be well worth your while. You can visit to get a cost estimate.

Digital menus have a lot of benefits to a restaurant business. In fact, restaurant owners who have adopted the use of digital menu boards say that the return on investment is so high it makes the cost of the menu board look so negligible.

Costs should translate into ROI

Customers come to your restaurant to enjoy a good eating experience. Your menu contributes to that experience either negatively or positively.

If your menus are static, it is very likely most of your customers are not satisfied. For instance, when a customer asks for an item on your menu, they expect they will get it because it is still on the menu. They get very disappointed when the waiter tells them that the item is not available. You can avoid such situations by managing customer expectations using digital menus.

When customers are satisfied, they keep coming back and that is when your ROI starts to kick in.

Return on investment is 2-fold:

Return on investment can be measured in numbers such as increase in sales or profits.

ROI can also be perceived in the level of satisfaction experienced by your customers. Your customers might, for instance, find it easier to make decisions on the menu items they intend to order. This is a huge benefit resulting from your investment and is therefore considered as ROI.

Examples of hard return on investment include

Restaurants that adopt the use of digital menu boards report that they experience the following measureable benefits in their business:

  • Increase in daily sales figures.
  • Growth in sales margins due to uptake of up selling opportunities.
  • Increase in the number of customers who make a purchasing decision based on what they see on the menu.
  • Increase in impulse buying decisions. Promotional menu items encourage more customers to buy on impulse.

Use the above parameters to track improvement in your business from the day you install your menu board investment. It’s important to be very accurate with this process, so your daily book-keeping has to be impeccable.

Customer satisfaction benefits

As earlier mentioned, there are some other benefits that don’t directly influence how much you make. You can measure some of them by conducting surveys. You can get an experienced person to guide you on how to conduct a survey without putting off your customers.

Below are some soft benefits that you will get from investing in a digital menu board:

  • Your brand will be better rated by your customers as restaurants that use digital menu boards represent the kind of organized business most customers want to associate with.
  • Customers learn something new from the content you stream on your menu boards.
  • Your operations will improve.
  • Your customers will feel as though they did not wait too long for their food because they were so engrossed in the content on your menu boards.


Dopublicity, a company that specializes in offering digital signage hardware and software, recognize the value that digital menu boards add to a restaurant. They are, as such, mindful to offer menu boards at pocket-friendly prices that even small businesses can afford. You can visit their site to see estimated costs.

The decision to incur a cost on digital menu boards should be determined by what you will get in return. Digital menu boards justify the associated spend as they give you many benefits including, among others:

  • Improved operational efficiency.
  • Reduced cost of printing.

Save time and energy spent on logistical processes involved in producing static