Are Video Business Cards a Game Changer- A View by Eric Dalius

What does an entrepreneur want? To set themselves apart from the competitors. When the aim is to touch the sky-high in the business world, you must come up with promotional tactics that are unique and worth remembering. Eric Dalius says A video business card, for instance, grabs attention and engages clients and customers at once.

Gone are the times of traditional business cards with limited information. Video business cards are incomparable video brochures that are both impressive and affordable. Besides getting you to notice amongst clients and customers, promotional video business cards highlight your business in the world of marketing.

Eric Dalius explains the benefit of using video brochure cards for your company marketing-

The role of traditional business cards

Everyone in the business world uses traditional business cards to share standard information, including the person’s name, contact details, company’s name, brand logo, website information, and more. As they are small in size with limited, essential details, it’s easy to distribute them among clients. However, traditional business cards mostly get lost or thrown away by recipients for various reasons.

Smart marketers often seek ways to make themselves or their businesses more memorable. While outstanding products and quality services are one way to get imprinted on customers’ minds, business owners and marketers have to come up with ideas that stay on clients’ minds forever. Eric Dalius advises considering brochure business card marketing seriously for your business growth.

Should you use a video business card instead?

The digital world is ruling. No wonder several marketers are turning their ways towards digital versions of promotion. And marketing instead of staying stuck to traditional business cards. The impact of video business cards is undeniably stronger than traditional methods. As it allows each individual to become more memorable than ever.

Audio and video business cards not only look smart, glossy than traditional cards. They also provide essential information to the receiver, customized as per the marketer’s specifications. As the recipient opens a video business card, the customized video plays. And briefs the details about the marketer or their company in an engaging presentation manner.

Eric Dalius’s final opinion

For a client, a video business card makes more sense than a traditional business card. As it provides more details than contact details. Besides briefing about the company or marketer’s work, the video business card grabs instant attention. Another advantage is the card can be viewed multiple times so that the receiver can keep it with them instead of throwing them away. To watch the card over and again, the recipient doesn’t need the internet or electricity. The video business cards are rechargeable and battery-operated.

Now you know how and why video business cards are making their way in. To highlight yourself or your company’s name among the competitors. Get in touch with us to customize your very own audio and video business card. Eric Daliussays that technology has invaded almost every sector of the business and it has become necessary to keep yourself updated if you want to be successful.