Are you an aspiring leader or entrepreneur who is looking for guidance and inspiration?

In the following article, I’ll explain how you can decode women’s true desires through deep calibration and subsequent validation.

This concept is critical for anyone who wants to become a high-quality leader in their life. It is also crucial for entrepreneurs looking to improve their skills when interacting with potential clients or employees.

Many people have a misguided understanding of what attracts women, especially when it comes in terms of leadership and entrepreneurship in regards to men. In order to overcome this issue it’s crucial that you fully understand the appeal behind being a great leader/entrepreneur so you can use this knowledge when going about your daily activities.

What do most guys get wrong? Or more specifically, why do they fail at trying to attract women?

What do most guys get wrong is that they act in ways that are not congruent with their true nature. They think they can be flashy and loud while acting like a maverick. Such characteristics end up repelling women rather than attracting them because it’s clear that these men lack integrity. As I’ve explained in previous articles on the topic of attraction; if you lack integrity then your actions won’t make sense to her. They will violate her expectations of how you should behave, which will cause her to lose respect for you (dishonorable) and feel disgusted by your behaviour (disgusting). These are natural instincts within women which were hard-wired over thousands of years through evolution; the reason why most women have a natural disgust for assholes.

They’re basically unattractive to women because they don’t know how to properly engage with others. So how do you engage with others in a way that makes you an attractive leader?

In order to attract women as successful leaders, what you must do is follow the following process: deep calibration and subsequent validation. Once you understand this simple yet effective formula, your interactions will become congruent with your true self and therefore more appealing to women around you. Deep calibration refers to the process of going into a social situation fully aware of oneself and one’s surroundings. It is about being mindful of who you are as a person and challenging yourself on various levels (i.e., physical, emotional, mental, spiritual). Once you practice this for some time it will become easier to recognize when your behavior is not in line with what is appropriate.

Having the ability to recognize when your behavior isn’t in accordance with your true self allows you to correct yourself before anyone takes notice. This occurs through deep calibration that helps you understand who you are and where you’re at emotionally. The more calibrated you are, the higher quality of a leader/man/entrepreneur you will be seen as by others around you. Even though calibration is an internal process, validation serves as the external reward. Which makes it crucial for helping people determine whether or not they are on the track leading up to any given moment (i.e., during the day, week, year, etc.).

What does it mean to be a high-quality leader/entrepreneur?

There are two main attributes of a great leader: honor and integrity. They are the qualities that will appeal to women. Because they represent someone who is confident enough to follow through on their actions.

  • Honour refers to the quality of being genuine in all your interactions with others. Which makes you, stand out as someone who can be trusted.
  • Integrity is defined as practicing what you preach. This means that if you say or do one thing. Then you follow up on this by acting in accordance with your words or promises.

If I tell you I’m going to do something for you, then I better show up at the time we decided upon. So we can get the task done. If I tell you that I’m going to help you. Then be ready for me to show up and give my best effort in helping you.

What does it mean to be an entrepreneur? Being successful as an entrepreneur requires three main skills:

 Developing a unique idea, validating your business model, and building a solid team (including you); Once you develop your personal insights into what is most important to others (which is called vision). The next step is ensuring that what you do matches up with this vision. This means having integrity by ensuring that every decision made reflects the core values of your company; if not, then why are you asking them to support or believe in it? Your customers don’t want advertisements or promises; they want to know that there are real people behind your business who are truly invested in what you do. Leadership and entrepreneurship require the following of oneself. It is crucial for developing a sense of honor, which can only happen through deep calibration. Finally, don’t forget to have fun because if not you’ll get burnt out!


Take control of your life and commit to becoming a leader and entrepreneur that can inspire others around you.