Realizing academic dreams is what drives us at, that’s why we offer the Ask Preeto Scholarship to US-based students in need of assistance towards educational expenses!

Those who meet the criteria and apply can receive a $750/- award for tuition costs, room & board bills or other related costs associated with their studies – here’s everything you need to know about our scholarship program so you don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity.

Eligible participants must be citizens/permanent residents residing within USA borders and demonstrate financial difficulty as well as being enrolled in an accredited college or university in America; also submit all necessary documents (as outlined by application instructions).

Apply today because taking steps toward attaining your aspirations starts now!

Submission Details

Put your best foot forward and apply for the Ask Preeto Scholarship before the 1st December 2023 deadline! With 700-850 words essay on below provided topic, along with personal info such as your name, address, email and current or last GPA you could be in contention to win an amazing prize. Plus share some details about yourself (290 characters max) to really stand out from other applicants.

Essay Topics

Investigate these topics (any one of them) through an essay composed of 700-850 words today!

1.      Discovering ways to reduce, reuse and recycle as well as how to fix everyday actions that negatively impact the environment is essential for making lasting changes

2.      Simple Tips For Living A More Sustainable Lifestyle

3.      Are the detrimental daily habits of modern society eroding Mother Earth’s health and wellbeing?


Discover a chance to win educational funding! Send your compelling and creative essay ideas to for consideration in the scholarship program.

On 15th December we will announce our lucky winner via email/phone call who also gets their moment of fame by being posted on social media platforms like Facebook.

Good luck!

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