Becoming a Dental Hygienist as a Path to a Long Career in Dentistry

Dental Hygienist

A registered dental hygienist is among the fastest growing careers. This is due to the fact that preventative healthcare has become very popular in modern day medicine.

The question is; how do you start a career in this very important dental career? Read on to find out.

Get the proper education

  1. Graduate from high school  

If you want to start your career with a strong foundation getting a good education is very important. The path to a good education begins with getting a high school diploma or a GED certificate. Getting good marks in high school will help you get into a better college or university.

  1. Take your college entrance exams

The next step is getting into a good college. To do so you need to pass college entrance exams including the ACT or SAT exams. Both your high school and college entrance exams should show a strong aptitude for Biology, English, Math’s and Chemistry subjects.

  1. Get into a college dental hygiene degree program 

Depending on the strength of your qualifications, the college that you get into, your budget or your preference, you could get into several dental hygiene programs including:

  • A 2 year certificate or associate program in a technical school
  • A 2 year applied sciences associate degree that is more comprehensive than the above 2 year associate program
  • A 4 year university degree

With all the above dental hygiene degrees, you should ensure that the learning institutions are qualified or accredited to help you apply, take and pass the professional board examinations.

  1. Take a CPR course

In order to get a job as a dental hygienist, you will require having a Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation or CPR certificate in most states. It is therefore important that you get this necessary certification early enough.

Get licensed

  1. Take the National Board Dental Hygiene Examination

The dental association in America provides dental hygiene examinations for students who want to practice as qualified dental hygienists. In order to take the exam, the college that you get into should help you apply and qualify for the exam.

  1. Get a state license

The next important step is to get a state license. To do so simply go to the secretary of state’s website and navigate to the dental hygiene licensing board in order to find specific states requirements. It will most likely be required of you to pass a state clinical exam in order to get your state license.

Look for a job

  1. Search online and in local press media

Finally, you need to look for a job. To do so, you can go online to websites such as or you can look through local newspapers and magazines to find a posting suitable to your qualifications and talent.

  1. Do some networking an visit local dental offices

If you want to find a job faster, you may also need to do some networking in order to find a job. Networking can help you make a good first impression that can help you land the job that you want. While networking, also ensure that you also visit local dental offices to enquire for a job.