Best Practices for B2B and B2C Social Media Video Marketing For Your Brand – Eric Dalius

Reaching out to your targeted audience in the post-COVID-19 Era can be Eric Dalius tough if you are not present on any social media platform. You must wield the power of attraction that these convenient platforms hold with the help of business videos that effectively cater to your B2B and also B2C customers.

What are the best practices for video marketing according to Eric Dalius

Eric Dalius says that business owners should never ignore social media marketing. Videos are an effective way to reach out to your targeted audience. However, they should be created properly. Given below are the best practices for modern social media video marketing for both B2B and also B2C businesses-

Be aware of the aspect ratio and the additional factors for every platform you use for your business brand. Note that the limits for pixel size, file formats, size of the file, and also other aspect ratios differ from one platform to another. For instance, video ads on Instagram Stories should be minimal 500 x 889 pixels, while the carousel ads on the Instagram platform should be at least 180 x 1080 pixels.

  • Create a consistent thumbnail – Create a custom thumbnail for your business brand. Use it consistently on all the platforms after making specific versions for the aspect ratio and also resolution for every channel and platform.
  • Every video should have caption – Videos with engaging dialogue create a powerful impact. However, most viewers will not even listen to your videos. In 2019, Verizon’s study revealed almost 69 percent of people in the USA watch videos with the sound switched off when in a public place. There again is a large majority of people who mute their videos at home. So, as a business owner, you must pay attention to accessibility when it comes to videos on social media.
  • Include a CTA or a Call-To-Action in your video – A majority of social media platforms permit you to add a call-to-action card or button at the end of the video so viewers can proceed to the next step, when it comes to making a purchase, registering for any webinar or even downloading whitepapers. In case there is no provision for you to include a CTA button or card in the video, you should include a URL at the end of the ad or post on the social media platform.
  • Leverage the data on the platform to customize content for your targeted audience – The ability for business owners to personalize their social video messaging helps them reach out to the precise number of people who are likely to watch their videos and also click on the CTA. As a business owner, you should regularly track the campaign’s performance to adjust the messaging and also targeting as required.

If your business is brand-new, start small with one platform. You should create your video in 15 seconds and also use a single format. In case you already use video marketing but have failed to generate the desired ROI, assess the tips above. You might need to shorten your video or add a CTA. Trial and error will surely bring your business brand success over time.