Best ways to decorate a bedroom

Bedrooms are the rooms where you relax after a hard day working. That means that they can’t be boring, but need to have some character. And even if you are limited in space, it doesn’t mean that your bedroom has to look cramped or cluttered. You just need to follow some simple interior decorating tips!

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How to decorate your bedroom – 5 ideas!

Some people think that bedrooms should be decorated in neutral colors like white, while others prefer bolder choices. The only thing you need to remember is that the main color of your room should match your personality and style. There are no strict rules here, so go for it! If you love pink, then paint one of the walls in this color or add some cute wallpaper with flowers on it. Place colorful bedding sets on the bed and box-spring mattress. Use more than one pillow if you want to create an interesting look. You can use more pillows even if you choose two colors of bedding sets (one for the comforter, one for the pillowcase).

Place some nightstands near your bed. Build them yourself if you are good at DIY projects or order ready-made furniture from an online store. You can also use stackable storage cubes in different colors to place at the end of your bed. This way you will have more space to store clothes, books, and knickknacks. Add a big mirror above your dressing table. Make sure that it’s not too small otherwise, it won’t be really useful – you want to be able to see all of yourself when standing at this piece of furniture! If you don’t have enough space for a huge mirror, then choose one with ornate details and mount it over your nightstands.

Add a bunch of colorful pillows to your bed and paint the walls in one of your favorite colors (you don’t even need to use the same color that you’ve chosen for bedding sets). Place several matching lamps instead of using just one lamp or light fixture. That way your room will seem more spacious and cheery, which is really important when decorating a bedroom. Use an area rug under your bed or at least near it. This piece of furniture can also add some charm to your room and make it cozier than ever before.

As you can see, there are dozens of different ways how to decorate a bedroom on a budget! Even when choosing affordable solutions, you can create a beautiful look in your bedroom and enjoy it every day.

How to decorate a bedroom – 8 ideas!

If you can’t afford expensive new furniture, you still don’t have to live with boring white walls in your room! There are many interesting ways how to decorate a bedroom on a budget. Here are some of them:

Wall decals are the best solution when you want to add color and fun into your teen girl’s bedroom. You can place decals that match bedding sets or paint one wall in bold yellow color and add several colorful butterflies. This way your teen girl’s room will look playful and modern at the same time. Another idea is to use abstract picture frames without photos inside them – the empty space won’t be visible and your teen girl’s bedroom will look stylish and interesting!

Mirror stickers are also a great idea for young girls. Use these decorations to add some color into this room and make it look more spacious. As well in the case of wall decals, you can use mirror stickers together with other pieces of decoration that match each other or create an interesting contrast. For example, you can place one pink dandelion sticker on the wall next to the white wall clock. Don’t forget to check out our article about how to decorate a bedroom with lights, because illuminated photo frames are absolutely amazing when hung on the walls!

Shelves are very useful furniture items that allow for additional storage space. You should definitely have at least one shelf in your bedroom because it makes it easier to organize things and make the room more functional. You can also paint one of the shelves in another bold color or cover it with wallpaper with funny patterns on it.

Create a gallery wall if you want to decorate a bedroom on a budget! To do this, choose some interesting prints that show various aspects of your personality (for example, you can use motivational prints that will help you wake up early) and mount them together on one wall. You can also use mirror frames or painted wooden blocks for this project.


If you want to decorate a bedroom on a budget, choose pieces of furniture and decoration that match each other. Don’t forget about your teen girl’s personality as well – everything should be fun and playful!

As you can see, it’s very easy to make a gorgeous look even with affordable furniture pieces. Let your imagination run free and do not miss out on checking out our article about how to transform a home into a cozy house!