Bradley J Beman depicts how business can expand during COVID through better team communication

Bradley J Beman communication is an essential part of a business through which they collaborate on projects and tasks. Teamwork enables the leaders to pool different strengths and capabilities within various team members. For the smooth working of the team, there must be excellent communication among them. Thus, Brad Beman upholds the importance of better team communication to help businesses overcome the losses in the post COVID situation. Communication is more than face to face talking; there are different types of avenues depending upon the project that you may undertake. 

Bradley Beman throws light on different methods of communication

Bradley J Beman by implementing a few simple strategies, you will see an increase in team interaction and better financial outcomes. Better communication will ensure a better performing business venture.

  • Open door policy: In the present scenario of COVID, where people have to stay indoors, this open-door policy will help you to create a much-needed environment of work. By encouraging an open plan environment, you are trying to communicate that everyone is a part of the same team. It also offers the team members a message of transparency and builds the concept of clarity and trust. It would help if you encouraged regular communication rather than occasional spurts of hindering communication progress. By following this policy, you can regularly discuss the status of the ongoing project, which will immediately ensure issue resolution.
  • Encourage two-way feedback: Two-way communication becomes essential if you want to ensure that both the employee and the employer benefit from it. By enabling the employees to share their input, the leaders will get a chance of improvement and vice-a-versa. Getting detailed and constructive feedback comes within the purview of team communication. Only verbal feedback is not enough; you will have to ensure that you back up with a written record. Using task management software, you can make your feedback visible to all the members that will increase the overall communication procedure. Using online feedback as a form of communication to virtual team members can improve performance and motivate them further.
  • Clarity of roles and responsibilities: Miscommunication and unclear instructions are significant problems at the workplace. Suppose team members are unclear about what they need to do and how they should perform the duties, it might lead to project failure. Hence the leader of the group has to make sure that there is clarity of roles and responsibilities. Techniques like responsibility chartering accountability for each task can clarify conceptions, behavior, and expectations of each character.
  • Build the team spirit: If the team members get on well, they will automatically communicate better. Building a team spirit allows the team members to get to know each other better. It also creates an environment where each person feels they have a contribution to the overall outcome of a project. 

Smooth team communication will help the members to know the energy and potentials of each team member. Team leaders can recognize the strengths of each member and properly channelize that for better financial gains. Hence team communication is essential for the success of a firm.