Brian C Jensen: Ways to Teach Your Kids How To Give Love

It is true that kids have so much to teach you. It is also the kids who should know the real meaning of love and what it does around you explains Brian C Jensen. So, teaching them how to be kind and to love one another is a parent’s responsibility.

Kids really know how to forgive, release and let go. So, positive parenting is not just about teaching how to love, it is also about teaching kids to hold onto their love and reminding them of how love can make their lives great. Kids are always born with the knowledge of loving someone and not fear. So, as a responsible parent, it is your duty to help them onto the real meaning of love and let them not deviate from the path!

Some tips to help kids love through positive parenting:

Right from teaching kids through examples to teach them to want not to need, it is the responsibility of the parents to help kids love the value of love. Always remember that discipline is love and your kids should know about that beforehand. Let them show their love through honesty, which will help them to get through life in the best possible manner.

According to Brian C Jensen, you must also show kids the meaning of love through actions, praise and more. You must also show your empathy by being an empathetic listener. You must know that what you show your kids, they will follow the same.

Don’t forget to show your love through communication. Asking little kids about their day, the kind of day they had, their school life and more will help in establishing a friendly bond between parents and kids. So, you get to follow these points as well, in order to teach our kid the real meaning of love.

Share the ways you like just to feel love:

Find out how your child likes to feel loved by just asking how you know if someone loves you. Always think about your own answers to this question as well.

  • Be sure to take turns sharing how each one of you likes to be loved, such as by helping others, hugging or even enjoying a game with one another.
  • You can easily make a list under self-portrait of every family member.
  • You can also share each other’s favorite way to feel love.

It is time to show your love for the earth:

Whenever you care for the environment, you care for it as best as possible. Try to install that thought among the little ones as well. Try collecting trash on the streets, gather up recycled items in your place, or even focus on some gardening tasks outside explains Brian C Jensen.

  • Explain to your kids, how every action must go along with the verbal love expressions.
  • By showing the loving actions and not just saying “love you” words, you can actually embodying virtue well.
  • You can always show love to everyone and everything surrounding your lifestyle by looking for one other another and trying to make everyone happy and healthy at the same time.

Once you are able to follow these points, you will get the valuable services all the way through. Just make sure to get along with experts, and procure the help as and when asked for.

Create a list of people you love and those who love you back:

It is time for you to make a list or just create a photo album of the family members and friends. You must use that list or the album to just remind your little one that there are lots of people who actually care for him or her.

  • Being a responsible parent, it is our duty to discuss the current idea of love being limitless.
  • No matter how many people you care about or love from the bottom of the hearts, there will always be more love in your hearts.
  • Love is an emotion, which is endless to receive and also endless to give at the same time, according to Brian C Jensen. So, let your kids be aware of this fact from the very beginning.

It is time to make a big love heart:

You should always explain to your kid how a heart is mostly used as representation of love. Like love helps to supply energy to people, the heart supplies blood to the entire body of a living being.

  • This blood or the love allows you to live happily.
  • Use the power of masking tape or stones to make outline of a heart on the ground.
  • Now, let your child come up with some ways to use the heart like making it a race track, collection area for stuffed animals or other items they just absolutely love!
  • It can also be your perfect and safe spot to sit in while you sing songs along with your little ones.

These steps will actually help them to understand the meaning of love and match it with pure happiness. So, they will try to follow the same while growing up!

You can further create a love dance:

Love always feels so good that you often end up smiling, laughing, singing and dancing when you are with the ones you care for and love. 

  • So, take this opportunity to choose a song that your little one likes and then make up actions or dance moves that you can do together.
  • You can always end up having a good time and savor the moments by spending some time with the one you love.
  • Being joyful always helps you to show and then accept love. You can always use one of your favorite songs for such activity.

So, if you are looking for the best and most rewarding help, it is time to teach your kids the real meaning of love says Brian C Jensen. The more you research, the better points keep coming your way. This is one way to address your needs and help your kids become real human beings.