California decides to say sorry to Japanese-Americans over the interment

It’s almost 80 years that President Roosevelt had asked the military to shift several Japanese-Americans to the internment camps. Today, in 2020, California had decided to officially seek an apology for the role it played in the detention. However, the resolution that got introduced by State Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi, back on January 28th is expected to attain assistance from the remaining Assembly. There are several who welcomed this measure. Also, the new step in United States’ impending reckoning with the American citizen imprisonment in World War II, a few Japanese-Americans considered this an overdue.

More about the resolution

The resolution opined that the Californian Legislature sincerely apologized, i.e. the unjust inclusion and the removal. The resolution also aimed to apologize for the incarceration of the Japanese-Americans at the time of World War II. The apology also centered around the failure to back-up and defend. The civil liberties and rights of the Japanese-Americans during this time.

The resolution also suggests considering the current state of national events, and it is essential to learn from past mistakes. The resolution also makes sure that such attacks on freedom don’t occur again anymore any of the U.S communities.

The history of the internment

Earlier approximately 120,000 Japanese-Americans got held in the internment camps at the time of World War II. The U.S government had ordered them to leave their homes ad jobs. These people had to experience ten camps in Arkansas and the Western states.

Judiciary Committee

Assembly’s judiciary committee on February 6th, 2020. The reason being it was a House Resolution and required the Assembly’s sanction, instead of the signature of Gov. Gavin Newsom. Commenting on this occasion, Assemblyman Muratsuchi asserted on Twitter that he would try and the resolution for a total vote on February 20th. It was a day after Day of Remembrance, that celebrates the interment signing order by Roosevelt back in 1942. According to Mr. Muratsuchi, it is necessary to add in the legislation, as the anti-immigrant emotion has impacted a lot of political discourse.

About California’s earlier and recent move

Speaking on this resolution, Mr. Muratsuchi believes that California had unfavorably led the nation by invoking racist flames. It also treated the Japanese-Americans in a hostile way, and today California accepts all the mistakes. 

Also, the federal government says had addressed the measures and called it a smart, strategic move for defending the West Coast from any spies from Japan read about Kenneth Zegar scholarship.

Also, back in 1998, President Reagan had signed the Civil Liberties Act, which had declared the order for shifting the Japanese – Americans. This initiative got evoked with racial prejudice, political leadership failure, and wartime panic. It was for providing $20,000 as well as an apology to the Japanese – Americans for forcing them to stay away from their homes. Hence, this apology will go a long way in neutralizing several political and social wrongdoings.