Celebrities and their summer dresses that made a statement

Usually, celebrities in Hollywood get spotted and also clicked extensively for their award night designer dresses numbers! As the world is gearing up for the unlock phase, many actresses have been spotted outside, making statements with their classy, simple, and also chic summer dresses. The best so far includes:

  • Scarlett Johansson, with her cute summer dress and sneakers

Scarlett Johansson knows how to impress with just one summer outfit, which includes a pair of sneakers and also a mini dress. The actress wore a Rails Helena dress and paired it up with smart sneakers. She had her facemask on. The outfit was simple, casual, and also sober. It’s one of those throw-on-and-go dresses which is apt for this time.  Her fans are busy to get a similar outfit to sport her style. 

  • Alessandra Ambrosio wore her classic summer trend with smart jeans

Alessandra is taking a break from the sweatpants! She might be sporting sweatpants sometime later again. However, she was spotted in L.A wearing her heels and also jeans. Wearing her cropped, loose jeans, which looked a little distressed. She also had her Bottega Veneta bag. The trend that’s popular now is crochet, and also that looked perfect with her light-washed jeans. And you might think of the 70s when you think crochet, but there are ways in which you can style it for summer. Alessandra’s summer jeans and crochet has already set an example.

  • Sienna Miller and her love for cotton

Sometime back, Sienna Miller got photographed wearing a cotton printed dress. It’s one of the smart and easy ways to look stylish and also stay cool during summers. Adding bright and also smart accessories can also jazz up a simple summer cotton dress.

  • Angelina Jolie and her baggie dress

Actress Angelina Jolie always proved that a simple attire during summers is the best fashion statement. She wore a black and also white baggy, chic dress and also paired it with a stylish pair of shades. It was sober, classy, and simple.

  • Victoria Beckham manages the heat while dressed for work

Victoria Beckham, in her own way has shown how to manage the summer heat on the way to work. She wore a two-piece, which isn’t very tight. It provided the summer comfort and also helped her to dress well for work.

  • Kaia Gerber and her oversized wardrobe

Kaia Gerber made the most oversized tailoring with her little denim shirt coming back in fashion again. Added more style to it by pairing it up with oversized tailoring, which gave a layered look and also is perfect for tackling the summer heat.

Right now, with no red carpet or films to shoot, most Hollywood celebrities are keeping their designer clothes at the backseat. They are all welcoming, easy, and also simple summer wear, relatable and also making a statement. To add a little jazz to it, they are pairing it with up their statement-making shoes, bags, or accessories. Furthermore, most of these looks are easy to recreate by their fans as well.