China and the U.S jointly investigates on Fentanyl

China had declared jail time to nine people on Thursday, for selling Fentanyl, to the Americans. It was an outcome of a joint investigation. Even though it had President Trump’s co-operation, it also invoked his wrath at Beijing’s apparent inaction against the Chinese suppliers for leading to a dangerous US opioid crisis.

President Trump early this year had criticized Beijing for breaking its promise of taking strict action against this drug production. Despite this criticism, China said that it was all set to carry out concrete and sincere anti-drug co-operation campaign with the U.S for resolving fentanyl trafficking. The imprisonment occurred, as both these superpowers were aiming to sign a trade deal over unclear negotiations. And the Chinese Fentanyl was one of the pertinent points, as well. According to the US authorities, a synthetic opioid can be 50 times stronger as compared to heroin. Naturally, it will result in over a hundred deaths in one day in the US. The north Hebei province court outlined this case as a successful join Chinese and US probe on fentanyl smuggling. The US officials also called this a victory.

More on fentanyl investigations and punishments

As a natural fall-out of this joint investigation, the American and Chinese investigators can collaborate across global borders. Also, there was a Chinese statement that got released after the imprisonment of nine people. They declared this case as a great model for jointly managing any crimes and smuggling related to Fentanyl. The efforts and initiatives of the US and Chinese drug enforcement teams were accolades immensely.

Back in 2017, the narcotics bureau of China had discovered a criminal circuit that had its base in Shanghai. In eastern Jiangsu province, they find another team. The bureau got hold of 11.9 kg of Fentanyl.  The US border authorities had sent a warning after taking this action

From the nine people imprisoned in Hebei, one received a death along with two-year reprieve. It usually refers to a life term. The two other got life terms for proven guilty of trafficking alprazolam, which a famous prescribed anxiety drug, also known as Xanax and Fentanyl. Guards brought these nine defendants to the court for the final verdict. Also, the three defendants that have the most challenging sentence got tempted with high profits from the US buyers. There was evidence to prove the same at Xingtai Intermediate People’s Court.

Why Fentanyl is considered a problem in the US?

Fentanyl has been contributing to a massive increase in drug addiction! This prescription pain killer only gets sanctioned in the US when a person got faced with severe pain.  It has to be a chronic medical case, like cancer treatment. There have repeated attempts to obtain the drug illegally several times. It is also usable for manufacturing counterfeit narcotics. It is very cheap and used frequently. People who can’t have access to drugs legally use it. There could be three reasons for this:

  • Firstly, the doctor didn’t prescribe the drug
  • They have run out of the drug
  • They don’t have the required insurance policy

Last year, the US government had warned about the cocaine deaths that were increasing. Fentanyl was one of the core reasons for this. Hence, the US has exercised its boundaries concerning this drug.