Choosing furnishings that complement your home’s style can be stressful enough.

You want your decorations to reflect your personality, but you also want them to work with the rest of the space so it feels cohesive. And perhaps more importantly, they need to be appropriate for your household’s size and habits. An elegant chaise lounge might not fit in a cramped studio apartment, while an expansive wine cabinet may leave no room for actual wine glasses in a tiny two-bedroom home. Even couples living in sprawling mansions probably don’t have enough dining space for 12 place settings just in case the company drops by unannounced. This is why most people settle on buying functional furnishings that doesn’t make their house feel like a museum or an IKEA showroom (although some people do swear by IKEA).

But what if there were a way to build your house exactly as you want – with an infinite amount of space for whatever furniture and decorations you desire? What if you could design the layout, choose the paint color and decorate every room with no limits or compromises? And finally, what if this dream space was modular and portable, so it could be moved around like regular furniture? After all, not everyone wants every surface in their home to be picture perfect. As many designers know, even the smallest spaces can accommodate some artful clutter.

This is the idea behind Mod Furnishings:

  • Stylish individual rooms that can be rearranged and recombined at will into any configuration. The collection includes dozens of furnishings inspired by real-world styles, but without the impracticalities and cost of traditional decorating. Your Mod Furnishings collection comes in a flat box, just like those shipping air mattresses or TV stands that you order on Amazon. Bring it into your home as an alternative to purchasing separate bedroom sets, living room sofas and dining room tables.
  • Or maybe we should say bring them into your “home.” Because with Mod Furnishings, what begins as a small studio can become a sprawling Victorian mansion on any size lot, with every bit of interior space – and exterior yard – customizable to your specifications. All you need is some cardboard boxes (and maybe a few plastic totes), which you can keep around for moving day anyway.
  • The line includes a variety of styles, from modern to vintage and everything in between. There are even themed collections based on popular entertainment franchises, such as Star Wars, Game of Thrones and Paw Patrol. It would be a bit strange to stick a four-poster bed or ornate chandelier into your Harry Potter study/library/bedroom combo.
  • But the idea is that you can easily rearrange individual rooms into any layout you like. And because all furniture pieces are keyed alike, it’s easy to swap them around from house to house. Even when each room has a different style. Perhaps more importantly, these things look no less realistic. Than their regular counterparts at department stores or your local IKEA store. If you can’t tell them apart from the decor you already have, they will fit right in with everything else.
  • Want to see what it’s all about? The Mod Furnishings website offers a free preview of a few areas that can be rearranged into entire homes. You’ll need either a VR headset or Google Cardboard. But that’s just because virtual reality is ridiculously cool and should probably be required by law. Once you’re inside the demo area, hold your cursor over any piece of furniture. And it will pop up an info window showing which set it belongs to. Click on each section again to switch styles, or press “1” for modern, “2” for contemporary chic and so on. Or click around with your controller to go exploring.
  • Talking about controller, don’t forget to take one out of your pants pocket before you start. This will allow you to pick up virtual objects with the trigger buttons and manipulate them in space. To rotate your view, press “R” on the keyboard (not included) or use the thumb stick on your gamepad/controller/motion-enabled Beach Bros Sneaky Stabbing One Hand Controller.
  • Finally, if you’d like to see Mod Furnishings in action. Without putting on a headset or getting sweaty from that entire controller handling. Check out this 360 degree video from our friends at AEBN VOD.


If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I wish I had some stylish modular furniture. With which to redecorate my virtual home,” this is the product for you. It’s also perfect for gamers who fantasize about designing their own homes in The Sims. But are intimidated by that entire math and the lack of slider bars. Just think – you can have your dream house on a mountain or on an ocean cliff. Too bad there’s no way to actually visit it without strapping on some gadgetry.