Concrete House Construction: Factors to Consider & Methods of Construction in a Nutshell

Affordable concrete homes are needed these days because of population explosion, major depletion of energy resources and several other factors. We know that any growth in population would lead to the rise in demand for homes and an increase in energy consumption. Many builders are focusing their attention on building affordable concrete homes for catering to the needs of the ever-growing population. In India, concrete homes are the way to go as they are affordable and long-lasting. Concrete houses are popular globally because they promise sustainability, disaster resistance, reasonable price, energy conservation, green building, and safety.

As per, about 265 billion cubic feet concrete seems to be manufactured every year. That is the equivalent of 35 cubic feet concrete meant for a person every year. Practically all buildings belonging to the last century boast of some concrete components like foundations and concrete buildings are prevalent everywhere in the world. We know that in reality, concrete seems to transcend culture.

Numerous building techniques have been explored for constructing affordable concrete homes. For instance, the Precast Concrete Construction technique is utilized in India and Kenya for constructing affordable and budget-friendly concrete houses. The Insulated Form Concrete technique has been developed for building sustainable houses at a low cost.

Factors Influencing Building of Concrete Homes

Natural Calamities

There exist some standards or codes that lay down the minimum requirements in the case of building concrete homes in areas that are prone to natural calamities such as a tornado, hurricane, fire, and gusty winds. The sole intention is to cut down the risk from all kinds of natural calamities thereby, building concrete homes for boosting safety and making homes far safer than homes built with wood. Moreover, concrete homes would imply a boost in your savings as these concrete buildings have the power to withstand most natural calamities  hence, they do not need to be replaced post the effects of natural calamities.

Energy Costs for Operating the Concrete Homes                                                                                                                                                       

Since depletion of the major sources of energy is taking place consistently, the energy required for cooling and heating homes is increasingly becoming more expansive and so they are impacting directly on the overall ownership cost over time. Today renters and owners dream of living in relatively more cost-effective and energy-efficient housing. Nothing else could beat the versatility of concrete homes. You must use top quality raw materials for your home from the best cement company in India.

Costs Associated with Building Concrete Homes

Concrete home building is not an exorbitant process. Concrete homes are certainly not so expensive hence; they are budget-friendly for some of the common residents. Most construction companies and builders are constantly searching for new building material or cutting-edge construction techniques that necessitate low cost.

Concrete Home Construction Methods

There are broadly two concrete home construction methods.

Insulated Form Concrete Home Construction Method: Insulated concrete forms seem to be rigid foam forms and these are great for holding concrete properly in place while curing. These foam forms strategically remain in place for serving as thermal insulators for walls made of concrete.

Precast Concrete Home Construction Method: Precast concrete leads to improved quality, long service life, low maintenance, and immense flexibility in designs. Moreover, this method necessitates less quantity of water, cement, steel, and even less labor,


The affordability of concrete homes is not evaluated by merely their selling prices but people are paying more attention to operational costs of these concrete homes over time. No wonder concrete homes have gained phenomenal popularity over the years.