Coronavirus: What It Is and Reason for Worry

Coronavirus originates from animals and people infected with the virus might have worked or often bought stuff at the Hunan seafood wholesale market in the heart of this Chinese city. The market sells live as well as recently killed animals. Even new, disquieting viruses come from animal hosts such as the flu and Ebola. Did you know that Middle Eastern respiratory syndrome (Mers), as well as a severe acute respiratory syndrome (Sars), is caused due to coronaviruses originating from animals? In the year 2002, Sars spread to as many 37 nations leading to worldwide panic and infecting over 8,000 individuals, leading to casualties of over 750. Mers is less likely to be passed from one person to another but could cause more lethality, resulting in the death of 35 per cent of 2,500 infected people. Read on to learn more.

The symptoms

Coronavirus results in pneumonia and those infected complain of fever, cough, and breathlessness. In some critical cases, the virus results in organ failure as well. Since this is viral pneumonia, taking antibiotics would not help. When hospitalized, patients might get appropriate lungs as well as other organ-related support together with fluids. The recovery of a patient will vary depending on the potency of a patient’s immune system. People dying from the ailment have been reported to be in ill health.

Human to human transmission of the virus

According to China’s national health commission, the transmission of the virus from one person to another is confirmed. Reports show that as of January 30, 2020, the death toll is 170 and 7,736 instances of confirmed infections among people.

The reason for concern

The fear spread because millions of people head for their homes in China to celebrate the lunar New Year holidays that began on January 24. However, the festivities have been called off with Wuhan as well as other cities in China facing lockdown.

People who are already plagued with poor health conditions are more susceptible to the disease. The major reason for worry is the severity of Coronavirus symptoms. A few patients are experiencing mild sickness, while others falling unwell considerably. The authorities in China will take the necessary steps to avoid the spreading of the disease. They are worried that the virus might be more potent than it seems now.

Should you consult with a medical professional?

Unless you have been to China of late or in touch with an infected person, you need to treat fever or cough and cold as normal. There is no need to visit a doctor unless the cough is persistent and you are experiencing other symptoms like breathlessness, feeling extremely sick, or chest pain.

Why you should not panic?

There is no reason to panic unless you are in close proximity to an infected patient. The spread of Coronavirus is disturbing but it has affected people mostly in China and not something new. The World Health Organization (WHO) is expected to announce the disease epidemic as a public health emergency of global concern.

It is essential to consult with a physician if infected with the virus and seek appropriate treatment and medical support. The Coronavirus is affecting seniors the most and in some instances children.