COVID-19 in Kansas City – A miraculous recovery and a smart initiative

Every day the news updates reveal fatal updates about COVID-19. Hence, when the Kansas Medical Center in Andover, announced a patient’s positive progress against the virus, people had a lot to look forward to. The hospital further announced that it intends to release Doyle Linsley, a man of 52 who was on the ventilator for 23 days, as a part of his treatment for novel coronavirus.

What happened to Doyle Linsley?

It was on March 27th that Doyle Linsley got admitted to this hospital. His symptoms were short-breath and fever. And after about a month, Linsley was in better condition. His family reported that he got released from the hospital already. Joy Stephenson, Chief Nursing Officer, Kansas Medical Center, said they are all happy to witness this recovery. Usually, the symptoms that Linsley witnessed often resulted in debilitating health conditions. But the fact that he came out victorious is a moment of glory for the doctors. For the doctors in the hospital, it was nothing less than a personal victory. More so, because when the doctors admitted him, they felt that he might not survive.

Linsley’s father said to the doctors, who were losing hope that his son is a strong man. So, all they need to was find out ways to keep him alive, and Doyle Linsley will find a way to survive and cope up with the treatments. And that’s precisely what happened. Linsley responded to the medicine and cure miraculously and stands cured today.

What did Linsley have to say?

The COVID-19 hasn’t been kind to many people around the globe! As doctors all over the world try to heal their patients, the patients’ too, need to play their part. Linsley suggests that the fight towards the treatment includes doctors, medical science, and faith in God. Luck also plays a crucial role, and the hospital is aware of the increased mortality rate from this virus. Linsley probably will have to spend some time in the rehab facility for a while, to complete the entire treatment process.

Other developments in Kansas City to treat the pandemic

Other than this miraculous recovery, Kansas City is playing its part in other ways to ensure that the pandemic comes to an end! The Cerner Corp. assured that it would provide free access to the COVID-19 patient data to the researchers and medical professionals. This data is going to be useful for clinical trials, treatments, and medical studies to know more about the disease and treat it accordingly.

Cerner Corp. is an IT brand specializing in health care and is based in North Kansas City. It mentioned that chosen U.S health systems, as well as the educational centers, will have access to the de-identified patient data. Also, the data that this company would be providing will have demographic details that will help doctors and other medical researchers know the way COVID-19 is getting spread across the world. It will highlight the health and treatment complications, the chronic health issues that are already present in a patient’s body, and many more.

Kansas City has been taking proactive measures to fight the pandemic. Along with the death counts and other disheartening updates, Kansas is also witnessing positive outcomes like the story of Linsley.