Decide on the color schemes you want before getting started with decorating.

Buy your decorations in color groups. Say you want to decorate a green-themed room. All the decorations would be green, with maybe different textures and patterns thrown in. If you want to do a red and white color Christmas tree then you should not buy ornaments that are pink and black! You get what I mean?

Well we all know that art is subjective; one person’s garbage might just be another’s treasure, but some pieces of art – while quite interesting – may still cause over-the-top reactions from fans of the franchise on which they’re based due to sheer offensiveness/weirdness/badness (yes I said badness).

Today we will take a look at 20 such pieces of “artwork” and wonder just what exactly was going through the artist’s head when they created them.

20: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword bad guy Ghirahim gets a “realistic” paint-over. This looks more like some kind of demented version of Dexter or something out of SAW than anything belonging in Zelda.

19: More paint-over on this one. Even if you’re trying to make Bowser look tough, it’s not easy to take him seriously when he looks like an extra from MAD MAX 2.

18: Yet another paint-over, only this time it seems as if Luigi is being attacked by a young Chuckie Finster.

17: A less offensive edit here with Mario, but why on earth is he wearing some kind of jock strap?

16: An edit of the first level boss in Donkey Kong Country for SNES. It’s like some sort of weird truck/alien hybrid or something…

15: There are so many things wrong with this one I don’t even know where to begin. First off, this looks nothing like Bowser, and secondly – what exactly is he holding? A tail? Why does Kirby look like an old man with blue hair? And lastly – why didn’t they just leave it as it was originally drawn by Sir Peter Blake (which you can see below)?

14: This one makes absolutely no sense at all. What does having scales have anything to do with being evil? And why would Mario is carrying around a club or branch?

13: This is some kind of weird alien with Yoshi’s head pasted on, no?

12: Umm…what the hell is going on here?! Why is Dracula suddenly wearing six-inch platform shoes and sporting long red color hair? Why does Toad have fangs all of a sudden? And how did this awful-looking Frankenstein Monster get into Super Mario World?

11: There are two things that are most definitely wrong with this one. Firstly – what’s with the sign that says “Goomba”? I don’t know about you but when I think of Goombas these are not at all what come to mind! Secondly – why is there suddenly an owl standing on top of the Goomba’s head?

10: This one once again makes no sense. What exactly is Kirby holding in his hand? A spear? And what’s with all this lava anyway?

9: Oh my god! The artist has edited out Captain Falcon and replaced him with…some kind of a weirdo in a gorilla suit?! Why would you do that?!

8: So let me get this straight – Bowser is robbing some kind of bank…? I’m pretty sure there was no such scene in Super Mario World, but if there was then who on earth was he robbing it from since they’re both Koopas…?

7: Luigi looks like he’s part of some movie about emo teenagers or something while Mario looks like he’s about to drown in that puddle over there by the way.

6: What exactly is going on here? How does Link have a frog head and why are all these Muppets attacking him?

5: Why would you give Homer Simpson Luigi’s hat for? And what’s with the gun anyway…?

4: I have absolutely no idea what this one is supposed to be, but it certainly isn’t Pac-Man! Pac-Man looks more like some kind of demented mime! – Perhaps they ran out of yellow paint or something…

3: Once again – what exactly is Mario holding here? Did this artist ever play Super Mario Bros 2 at all…?

2: Why would anyone want to make Yoshi look like some kind of devil? What the hell was going through their head when they thought this one up?!

1: I know what you’re all thinking – it’s another edit, but no. Take a close look at Zelda here and tell me that isn’t just some random extra with his hair color green…?


So there you have it! 20 pieces of artwork that will either leave you scratching your head in bewilderment or rolling on the floor laughing…I’m not sure which!