Design Cap – Make Every Effort for Protecting People from 2019-nCoV

At the end of 2019, the new coronavirus was discovered in one city after another worldwide. During this time, everyone was in a panic till now. Whenever people hear of this virus, they will turn pale at the only mention of this terrible name, feeling very afraid because they all know this virus’s harmfulness.

People had been preparing for and responding to the Covid-19 epidemic worldwide. They know that the virus could spread to every people in any country or community. People all over the world have made effective measures to prevent the disease from spreading further.

What is DesignCap?

DesignCap is a powerful and easy-to-use online graphic design tool that is suitable for all types of design tasks, from schedules to presentations, social media arts to infographics, and much more. It also offers users a vast selection of stock images, icons, fonts, and other resources.

This is intended for non-designers. You won’t have the type of control offered with some of the other tools on many other lists, but promise that you will be able to create an infographic in at least 10 minutes. DesignCap offers predefined templates that are optimized for social sharing on the web. It is a simple drag and drop interface, and you can access millions of photos.

What efforts does it make in Covid-19 panic?

During the Covid-19, the DesignCap team make their efforts to provide people many designs for telling the common sense of Covid-19, how to protect yourself from panic, health prevention knowledge, Covid-19 prevention, and control knowledge, publicity knowledge, etc. Hoping more and more people know Covid-19 and go forward bravely. Let’s see some of the Covid-19 designs in DesignCap.  

Posters – “Closed”

Who says that posters are only used when the door is open. In fact, they can also be used sometimes when the business is closed temporarily due to some tricky things such as the coronavirus. Here are some “closed” poster designs from DesignCap.

Infographic – precautions

Besides the coronavirus posters, DesignCap provides a series of infographics about how to protect yourself against infection; what should you do if you are sick; how to prevent yourself from Covid-19; the timeline of the coronavirus; etc. You can use DesignCap Infographic Maker to create your infographics to tell people to protect themselves from the panic.  

Instagram post-stay home

Places with a large flow of people create risk situations for the transmission of coronavirus, so stay home, especially if you’re not feeling well. This avoids exposing people at school and at work to the disease.

Facebook post – other tips to protect yourself

The form of contagion of the coronavirus is through droplets expelled when coughing and sneezing. The recommendation is to wear a mask, avoid handshakes, and stay away from other people so that your body isn’t in contact with these particles that may be infected.

Take care

I list some of the designs for coronavirus in DesignCap. And there are many more coronavirus designs waiting for you to spread the ways to protect yourselves and your beloved ones from this panic. Take care of yourself and everyone around you!