Did K Michelle Buy Her Jaw Dropping Booty?

If you’ve seen recent pictures of the musician and reality show star then you know she has a booty that turns heads.

K. Michelle is an R&B singer whose career was recently revived thanks to the reality show ‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’. Besides her obvious singing talent, K Michelle also plays the piano and the guitar. She is currently working on her third album. That said however, nothing gets her more attention than her voluptuous behind. As with many other celebrities, K Michelle at first denied having ever had any enhancement surgery. But after more poking and prodding by the media, she finally admitted to having undergone a Brazilian butt lift.

The Brazilian butt lift is the ultimate cosmetic surgery gift to all women. It is said to be the perfect procedure to contour the body and many women, not just celebrities, have gone through it. This is the process through which the cosmetic surgeon removes excess fat from trouble spots in the body such as the waistline and stomach and injects it into the butt to give it more volume. The end result is a more contoured and attractive feminine figure that is to die for!

This butt lift is a great procedure especially for women who have challenges losing excess fat from trouble spots in the body. It is also a much better option compared to implants such as silicone gels which have been known to cause serious health problems. Since the fat is obtained from other parts of the body, it is easily accepted into the butt thus giving it a more natural look and feel.

The enormity of K Michelle’s butt  had many suspecting that she had surgical enhancements and when she finally admitted it during an interview on The Power Breakfast Club,she was keen on clarifying that she had a butt lift not butt implants.She has however had breast implants.

A further clarification for why K Michelle’s butt lift appears more profound currently is because she had been working on losing weight. This led to a reduction in the size of other parts of her body making her butt stand out even more.

There is no doubt that her Brazilian butt lift is working well for her. K Michelle has been back in the music studio furthering her career, which had slowly started to die down. It’s safe to say that feeling comfortable in her own skin has left her a lot more confident. K Michelle is a figure that many African-American women look up to and her admitting to getting her body modified has opened the door to so many other women who also desire to have the same changes made to their bodies.

There are number celebrities who have also admitted to having butt lifts and butt implants.