Enjoy the Advantages of a Weighted Blanket for a Tension-Free Relaxed Life

We know that occupational therapists understand that light touch could be alarming and overwhelming for individuals who suffer from sensory processing dysfunction. Professionals recommend weighted blankets in such cases as they firmly believe that these therapeutic blankets could have an organizing and calming impact. For instance, an infant would feel relaxed and secure and would be drifting off to sleep when wrapped snugly with a warm blanket. This is the underlying principle of weighted blanket therapy.

Who Are Benefitted by Using Weighted Blanket Therapy?

We know that kids, teenagers, and adults are immensely benefitted from using weighted blanket therapy. These blankets are supposed to be a non-drug, effective, and safe therapy for everyone who is seeking relaxation and fulfilling sleep. Moreover, weighted blankets are regarded as robust and effective tools in psychiatric care for assisting patients who are upset, anxious, and about to lose control of their senses.

As per https://www.webmd.com, “Now, some adults with insomnia, depression, and anxiety are rediscovering that feeling of security — for a price — in the form of weighted blankets. In one study funded by the blanket makers, Swedish researchers found that 31 men and women with moderate insomnia who used the blankets for 2 weeks reported a calmer night’s sleep with fewer movements.” All these individuals felt that the weighted blankets were instrumental in helping them sleep more securely and comfortably and experience a relatively higher sleep quality as compared to what they have been used to. If you buy the best weighted blanket, you could rest assured of getting a sound and cozy sleep.

We understand that people who are suffering from sensory processing dysfunction or are autistic would be having issues with sensory modulation, as well as, regulation. Subjects suffering from the same tend to be oversensitive to sensory stimuli. Weighted blankets, just like weighted vests offer DTP or Deep Touch Pressure to your body. Experts explain that DTP assists in releasing serotonin which is supposed to be an effective neurotransmitter regulating some brain functions so, weighted blankets are best for sensory modulation, as well as, regulation.

Top Benefits

There are some amazing benefits of using weighted blankets. Weighted blankets promise DPT stimulation. This sort of deep pressure touch would be having a soothing, relaxing, and overall calming effect on the mood of individuals who are suffering from stress, anxiety, or insomnia. Here are some amazing benefits of using a weighted blanket:

It Mimics a Hug

Research has revealed that hugs are great for lifting your mood and making an individual feel loved and more secure. When two people hug each other, the body would be releasing the hormone called oxytocin. We understand that oxytocin helps in slowing the heart rate, reducing blood pressure, and provides a wonderful feeling of relaxation. Experts confirm that weighted blankets actually mimic the security and warmth of a hug.

It Releases Serotonin

Research and studies have revealed that when pressure is exerted in specific parts of your body, it would be triggering serotonin release in the brain. Serotonin is known to be instrumental in reducing your tension and stress levels and uplifting your overall mood.

It Releases Melatonin

We know that melatonin is an effective hormone that helps in regulating your sleep cycle and promoting sleep. Melatonin is associated with the release of serotonin. As such, the pressure that helps in releasing serotonin would also, trigger the production of melatonin.

Conclusion: Enhances Overall Sleep Quality

The weighted blanket would be exerting a certain amount of pressure that would provide a relaxed and comfortable ambiance for an individual to enjoy a deep and rejuvenating sleep. You must carefully read all the warnings provided by the weighted mattress manufacturer. Be extra cautious while using a weighted mattress for helping out a kid. Make sure that the pressure does not feel overpowering for the child.