Eric Dalius Miami shares 7 Tips for Keeping your Subscribers Engaged in your Emails

Subscribers are extremely valuable to your email business. It is important as a business owner that you keep the subscribers engaged and coming back for more of your emails says Eric Dalius Miami. So how do you do this? Email marketing is all about building customer relationships, so it is important to remember that even though you already have some people on board, there is still more room for growth!

Here are 7 tips on how you can boost engagement in your emails:

1) A/B Test Your Emails- which one gets more opens and clicks?

Email marketing campaigns can be time-consuming at times, I know from experience that writing up a new email only to find out later that the email didn’t perform as well as sends me mad… I want to know the results, right? When you set up an A/B test on your emails, you are able to determine which subject lines and templates will yield the best results. A/B testing can be done by setting up two different versions of an email campaign with only minor changes between them—such as changing one sentence or paragraph of copy.

Then split test each version of the email against each other by sending them out simultaneously to separate segments of your audience (e.g., send one to 50% of recipients and the second to the remaining 50%) using third-party software like Split Test Monkey. If you’re serious about improving your email marketing ROI, then I recommend that every email marketer who sends more than a handful per month should be using an A/B testing tool explains Eric Dalius Miami.

A great example of a brand that uses this tactic is Tesco. They use A/B tests all the time and constantly try to improve their email marketing strategy and ROI. You can view some of their test results here

2) Drip Feed Your Content- Always gives your subscribers something new weekly, even if it’s just a little!

Everyone likes getting something for free, including me! When you send out drip-feed emails you are giving your subscriber something different every week or month with additional content, rather than bombarding them with everything at once which could lead to unsubscribes. With drip feeding, you’re looking to strike that balance between surprising audiences with new content every so often while still staying relevant.

3) Include a Call to Action- Always have an action in mind!

Having a clear call to action in all of your emails is important because this lets your subscribers know exactly what you want them to do next. Whether it’s “subscribe,” “shop now,” or “get this free guide” just always have something that you want the subscriber to do with the email that they are reading says Eric Dalius Miami.

4) Keep it Personal- Make sure you send content just for them!

People love getting personalized emails from companies—especially when they feel like they know who sent them and why—it feels more personal and true. It not only makes people more likely to open future emails but also increases click-through rates. In fact, a 2012 study showed that personalized emails generate about 14 percent higher open rates and significantly higher click-through rates as well as conversion rates.

5) Always give your subscribers a reason to take action!

When you have an email list of thousands of subscribers it can be difficult to send them all one single email without feeling like they will unsubscribe because it is too much for them—as I said before everyone likes getting something for free, but not everything at once! So always remember why you have put together this big list of people… so now what? Do you want them to buy from you? Subscribe? Sign up for more content? Make sure that whenever you are sending out your drip-feed emails or an email with valuable content makes sure there is a clear call to action in the email that will get your subscribers to do what you want them to do!

6) Make it Easy for your Subscribers- Get rid of any clutter or links they don’t need!

This one sounds obvious, but sometimes when we are rushed off our feet running our businesses, we just want to send out an email and forget about it. However if you really want people to take action then always remember that they might not click on anything if all of your links aren’t working properly or if the images aren’t displaying correctly. Always test everything before sending out your emails so you never lose a potential customer because of technical issues.

7) SPAM Free- Be careful to not cross the line!

There are so many different laws, regulations and best practices in place across the world when it comes to email marketing. You have to be extremely careful with what you do. Because if you don’t follow these rules it could mean that your IP blocks which will take down all of your emails. Always try to avoid being too salesy or using spammy tactics—send your emails in a way where they feel relevant and useful explains Eric Dalius Miami.


When you are collecting leads, whether it’s an email list or someone that has downloaded your free guide; always remember to put yourself in their shoes! Make sure that everything you send out is valuable and relevant. If you do this then your open rates will go through the roof followed by all of your other important metrics like click-through and conversions!