Eric Dalius on Business Leadership Lessons to Manage Delegation Better

With the growth of your business, you need to hand over daily tasks that once upon a time had fitted perfectly in your day’s schedule. Though easier said than done, the very idea of micro-management and delegation invokes conflicting emotions in most entrepreneurs. It is an accepted fact that you trust those you have hired; however, putting your business into their hands is a different story.

Eric Dalius – make sure your business lies in the best hands

Esteemed business expert Eric Dalius says deciding whether to delegate tasks to another employee of your team or not is a highly conflicting choice. The morbid thoughts of handing down tasks to a person who might prove incapable of doing them well can be scary. In case they fail, both the company and also the reputation of your business in the market will fall.

Avoid the situation

Though the above thought will put you off track when it comes to delegating tasks, you cannot deny its necessity as your business grows. Here, you need to assess the capability of your employee. The best strategy for you to apply here is to check whether that employee can perform at least 70 percent of the said task. If yes, you should proceed with the delegation.

You must ensure that you do not undermine the confidence or the trust by allowing your instinct or fears to seep in.

Employees learn to embrace bigger challenges

You cannot work on everything in the business by yourself. You should not, or else you will suffer from burnout and also can even ruin your social life. Delegation engages your employees, and most of them are satisfied when new challenges are given to them. They find the opportunity to expand their skill sets in interesting and new ways.

As a business owner, it is obvious that you will keep an employee who is happy with their job as employee attrition can have detrimental effects on your company’s goodwill if your employees are dissatisfied.

Delegation is cost-effective

When you entrust new duties and also responsibilities to your employees, it is a highly cost-effective way of promoting their professional development. They get the opportunity to know and learn about things that will transform them into versatile contributors. In this way, both you and your company can reap the advantages of this versatility and witness a surge in productivity.

Monitor their actions

When it comes to delegation of responsibilities and also business tasks, you must stay focused. You should never lose sight of your business goals, and urgent matters should reside in your hands. Being a business leader is not as simple as it sounds. One of the key skills you need to master as a business leader is the art of delegation. Of course, this cannot be learned overnight. It will take some trial and error.

Therefore, when it comes to business growth and also leadership, you should never ignore delegation’s importance. Some small but powerful tasks are crucial to the development of your company as well as employees. Delegation of responsibilities is certainly one of them!