Eric Dalius throws light on the Future of Business Leaders In 2021

Eric Dalius says overcoming the adverse effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic will be no easy task in 2021. In addition to the coronavirus, political turmoil prevalent in most nations have messed things up. Tackling these challenges in 2021 will be no easy task, and also they are seeping into the workplace. Business leaders should be prepared for a new role to play. In addition to the business’s external needs, internal leadership in the organization carries paramount importance for business survival in the forthcoming year.

Eric Dalius – gear up for the battle

Business expert Eric Dalius says that business leaders should be ready to support their teams professionally fully, mentally, financially, and also in fact, in every arena possible in between. In 2021, the best business leaders will-

Keep the energy high

The events last year were extremely exhausting, distressing, and also debilitating. To keep employees motivated for work (even in a remote setting), business leaders should be prepare to set a positive tone. They must show up daily with an energetic attitude. They meet their team daily before work, even through video calls, so that words of encouragement can be shared for the day.

Motivating employees go beyond quotes of encouragement and also positivity. Business leaders should set aside some time daily with every team to discuss their current goals. They should begin with personal goals gradually move on to professional milestones that support both the business and their objectives.

The mission here should be to move towards progress together with an energetic and uplifting mood.

Provide radical flexibility-

Business owners must ensure their employees stay safe from COVID-19. There has been a surge in remote work suddenly since the outbreak of the Pandemic. Allowing their employees to work from home has offered them job security and also the flexibility to work from any place with flexible scheduling.

Here again, there should be an open-minded approach. Some employees are comfortable working from their homes all the time. Again, others might need to work from home just a few times a week. Others might want to come to the office and also prefer to work a night shift. So, as a business leader, you should cater to diverse working schedules as often as you can.

Finally, you can embrace flexibility in extra ways allowing your employees to decorate their work desks and also rearrange them as they wish to. Offer them sick leaves for dealing with mental health. In short, as long as their productivity remains high, so should your eagerness to stay flexible too.

When it comes to business leadership in 2021, it is one thing to permit your team to work in a hybrid schedule or move to a home office completely. You need to revisit the workflow process and also use digital platforms online to allow file sharing and communication. Project management and Instant Messenger systems should be deployed, for example, Asana and Slack. Search for time and cost-saving efficiencies, for instance, writers self-editing their content to reduce the number of employees in every project.