How to Evaluate Golf Resort the Next Time You’re Planning a Golf Vacation

When you are planning for your next golfing holiday, you would want to spend a few exhilarating days with your friends and family at the most wonderful golf resort that you can discover with lush rolling greens, great packages for play and stay, great instructors, wonderful options of accommodation and dining, and a whole lot more. Take a quick look at some of the more important factors that can help you to make up your mind:

Availability of a Number of Golf Courses, Including a Star Attraction

As a seasoned golfer, you really don’t want to waste your vacation playing on the same course again and again. This is the reason why some of the better resorts have as many as four courses that can be conveniently accessed from the same clubhouse. Typically, one of the courses will be a headliner serving to provide the attraction necessary to bring in the traffic to the resort from all over.

Good Facilities for Practice and Instruction

It is quite natural that many of the visitors would be out of practice so they would really appreciate if the resort has practice facilities that they can access at will. Some resorts even have lighted mini courses for those interested in practicing after sundown. They also make it a point to have customer-friendly and knowledgeable instructors who can work with beginners, children and even advanced players to improve their golfing skills as they know that keeping the interest alive in the game is crucial to their long-term business interests.

Modern Fitness/Recreational Facilities

An essential feature of every good golfing resort; fitness and recreational facilities help both the golfer and his family to relax in a luxurious ambiance. Kids will love to play around in the pool and would be delighted if the resort offers a splash zone or a lazy river facility to jazz up the scene. Some resorts have even set up water parks and spas to deliver all the amenities of a luxury resort that affluent golfers and their families would look for.

Great Bars and Dining Options

There are some destinations that focus exclusively on the golfing experience while others try to provide all the facilities that you would expect from a premium holiday resort. The quality of bars and restaurants at the golf resort is one of the most important factors that serve to lock in the customers who otherwise would be inclined to leave the resort to search for more attractive options. The better the eating and drinking facilities, the more it is likely that golfers will want to keep coming back again and again.


If you are planning a golf holiday then take care to choose a resort that has a lot of diversity in all its facilities right from the courses to the accommodation, recreational facilities and dining options. The entire purpose of the vacation would be defeated if you were to end up being bored and not enriched after the experience.

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