Factors You Need to Consider When Choosing a Cover Material for Your Chiminea

People of a discerning and also artistic bent of mind have long used chimineas. To cover lends an exclusive touch to their backyards. These charming, often hand-decorated outdoor fireplaces. With a distinctive shape is a popular tourist purchase in Mexico as well as U.S. states. Like Arizona and also California. While the traditional chiminea was largely crafted out of terracotta.

Iron To Make Them Stronger

Artisans have also started using an iron to make them stronger and also less prone to breaking. While many people use chimineas to decorate their backyards or patios. Others use them as functional fireplaces for heating and also cooking outdoors. Regardless of the purpose, you use the chiminea for; you will like to protect them from the weather for extended life. There are quite a few aspects you need to keep in mind while considering buying a cover for the chiminea.

Protection from the Weather

Chimineas being outdoor items will be exposed to harsh sunlight, rain, heat, wind, dirt, and also dust. This means that any cover material you choose has to be very strong. And also not let in moisture that can lead to corrosion and also the development of mold and also mildew. In the long months, it is not in use. Do not get taken in by materials that claim to be water-resistant. As they are only good for protection against drizzles.

Cover Material

Furthermore, you will need to ensure that the cover material is resistant to UV rays as otherwise; any paintwork on the chiminea is liable to fade. The colors of the cover itself will also be less prone to fading. If you live in an area that is windy or prone to storms. You should only choose heavy chiminea covers that also have ties and also fasteners so that you can secure them. According to Huffpost.com, Velcro bands or drawstrings are ideal for holding the cover in place.

Prevent Corrosion and Growth of Mold and Mildew 

Choose a heavy canvas material or a cover made from PVC or polyester. With vents for allowing the dispersal of humidity from under the cover that would accelerate corrosion and also the formation of mold and also mildew that can be health hazards. A robust cover will ensure that the effort you need to put in to clean the chiminea is far less.

Choose Low-Maintenance Materials

Since chimineas are either made of terracotta or cast iron, they require very little maintenance. This also makes it necessary for you to ensure that the cover is also low on maintenance requirements. Typically, covers made out of synthetic materials. Like vinyl and also polyester does not get dirty easily and also are also very easy to clean requiring just ordinary soap and also water.


There is a very large choice of covers in the market and also it can be very tempting to choose an inexpensive model. However, typically these covers will neither deliver the degree of protection necessary for keeping your chiminea in good condition nor last a long time. If you need to replace the covers frequently because they have become brittle or the material has torn, it is a sheer waste of money. Instead, you should look out for heavy-duty covers that will last many years even with frequent use.