Federal Judge Rejects Trump Administration’s Immunity Claim

A federal judge ruled that White House officials could be asked to give evidence before Congress, thus declining Trump’s immunity claim. This judge ruling clearly coerces Don McGahn, ex-White House counsel to give evidence for an investigation into the Russian intervention in the American election held in 2016. Again, it also has significant consequences for the Democrat-led impeachment investigation against Trump.

However, the Trump government will not cooperate with this inquiry, as it seems as well as other Democratic-led inquiries. The Trump administration has clearly directed all existing and ex-White House staff to challenge subpoenas for documents and testimony.

McGahn was asked to testify before the House Judiciary Committee in the month of May to respond to questions relating to Trump’s efforts to hinder the Mueller inquiry into Russian interference in the US election of 2016. Ketanji Brown Jackson, the US District judge is firm on her judgment that no person is above the US law.

Jackson has also made it clear that Trump is not within his rights to prevent his aides from replying to subpoenas. Presidents of the country are not kings, she said firmly. However, Jackson did mention that McGahn could call on executive privilege whenever necessary to defend information that is possibly sensitive for the greater interests of the country.

Why the Investigation

The ruling might have an impact on who stands to provide evidence relating to the accusation hearings in Congress. When it comes to Democrats, they might use the same to send for people like John Bolton, national security advisor, and Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State.

The inquiry focuses on whether Trump employed the risk of withholding American troops help to force Ukraine so that it investigates a local political opponent. The crux of this inquiry is all about a telephone call on July 25, 2019, between Volodymyr Zelensky, the new Ukraine president and Trump. 

During this phone call, Trump insisted on his counterpart to inquire into unproven corruption claims against Democratic opponent, Joe Biden. The critics opine that the supposed political pressure or coercion on a susceptible American ally resulted in gross misuse of power.

What to expect

As far as the Judiciary Committee is concerned, it will start drafting impeachment articles containing the charges of misconduct against Trump in December. Once the vote in the Democratic-managed House is over, a trial would take place in the Republican-run Senate.

In case, Trump is convicted as per a two-thirds vote, which is extremely improbable, he would be the first American president to be evicted from his office via impeachment. A couple of Republicans, as well as the White House, want this trail to conclude within two weeks and not more. What are your views on Trump and his administration? Is he guilty of misusing power? Well, once the trial ends, we all will get the answers. Only time will tell. It is expected that McGahn to abide by his legal responsibilities and quickly appear to testify before the Committee. It will take some time because, after all, it is a legal process but not linger for months. That is certain.