Five small business marketing challenge that Eric J Dalius thinks is essential to resolve

Eric J Dalius is yours a small business house? If yes, you might have an excellent service or product, but it’s not sufficient to do business. Studies show that close to 50% of small business units get closed down within five years. However, your reality need not be the same. And also you can benefit from proper marketing, but once you address and also resolve its challenges.

The five challenges

Eric J Dalius successful marketing can make your small business operations work in ways others can’t imagine. However, small businesses lack proper funding. And also that can go against them. That aside, there are other challenges as well. Eric J Dalius, a marketing professional, mentions five core marketing challenges for small business firms and how to resolve it.

  1. Absence of proper business leads.

If you don’t have proper leads, you will have no customers. That means there will be no sales and profits. Are you struggling to get correct leads? If yes, then you aren’t the only one. One of the best ways to address and also resolve this problem is by generating dedicated landing pages. Keep other data such as your business name and brand logo on the landing pages the same. When you cater to different target customers in their way, you get their attention and also thereby have promising leads.

2. Absence of marketing know-how

Not every small business entrepreneur is a marketer. But running your small business would demand that you have necessary know-how about marketing, else you can’t plan the road ahead. Are you wondering how to fight this situation? Simply opt for online marketing courses, modules, and also online articles. Several bloggers have written extensively about small business marketing do’s and also don’ts. That will give you the idea, and you can enhance the rest through experience and ongoing study.

3. Poor brand visibility

Are your potential customers able to find you? If not, then your brand has poor visibility. EJ Dalius, says that you can combat this by enhancing your digital marketing and also on public relations initiatives. Counting on social media helps. Alternatively, you can resort to email marketing and also share your website links in the email. Many small businesses have found this to work wonders.

4. Absence of proper budget

Cash flow issues can make you close your business! The best way to solve this is saving ahead of time so that you can use the same for emergencies. Seeking financial help from investors can also help as they decide to invest in your business idea. Taking a business loan works if you are sure that your product will work and also repay the loan. Also, you should take a loan when you have a favorable credit history.

5. Absence of time

Correct marketing helps your business to grow in a meaningful and also progressive way! Entrepreneurs must have time for it. If you think you don’t have ample time for it, simply automate and delegate the marketing tasks. Also, take out time to assess the current workload. Decide the tasks that are crucial and the ones you can allocate. By using marketing automation, you can address and resolve a few time-consuming tasks.

If small businesses can address and also solve the above-mentioned marketing challenges, they can seamlessly grow and also make profits.