Former President Obama Criticizes Politicians about US COVID-19 Death

Former US President Barack Obama severely criticizes US politicians for their sloppy management of the COVID-19 epidemic, the death toll crossing 90,000. He addressed to the graduating high school seniors all over the country this weekend.

If you do whatever you feel like, what comes easy, what is convenient, that is fine criticizes when it comes to little children. Then, if a country full of adults including the political big shots with fancy titles and also holding important portfolios goop up when it comes to managing the corona crisis, it’s unfortunate, hinting at President Donald Trump.

According to an article published on, official corona death estimates are alarming enough, and it is clear governments all over the world are underreporting corona deaths, including the US.

Obama slams Trump

In another public address of graduates from the historically black educational institutions, Obama directly criticizes and also harshly criticized the Trump government, as it is failing miserably to keep the death toll in control.

The corona pandemic has torn the country apart and also the rest of the world. The folks responsible aren’t doing what they should do and also many of them are not even pretending anymore that they’re in charge of the situation.

Obama’s comments after a day the deaths cross 90,000

Obama commented on the current situation after a day the death toll surpassed 90,000 in the US, with approx 1.5 million corona cases reported so far. Around the world, 311,827 people succumbed to corona, but the findings of John Hopkins University indicate that there are 4.6 million corona-infected people globally.

Obama commented that during this worldwide crisis, we all should believe in values that are permanent such as hard work, honesty, fairness, equality, accountability, respect for others, and also kindness. That is what matters now. It is time to save the people affected with corona and also ensure that the country keeps the death toll under full control.

Obama’s harsh comments came amid the corona crisis; one is a global epidemic excessively appalling the citizens of color in America, and also another born due to the economic criticizes the effects of the attempts to control the spread of the virus by implementing lockdown.

It is time for us to be honest, said Obama. A deadly virus like corona highlights the fundamental disparities and additional troubles that black communities have faced in the past, coped with, in the country, which is sad and unfortunate.

Times are difficult

Yes, we’re living in a difficult time and things are not normal. When you’re expected to find your way in this world during a shocking and overwhelming epidemic such as corona and its alarming economic impact leading criticizes to loss of jobs and also unemployment, not only in the US but also all over the country, things are not easy.

Obama also commented that inequalities faced by African Americans are not something new in this country. At least, when the whole world is battling the corona pandemic, it is time to treat all communities equally.

Let’s hope for the best that we all fight corona together. Social distancing is the way to keep us safe. Staying at home is the solution now and also treating people affected by the virus so that they get well soon.