Fred Auzenne Shares Tips for Better Communication with a Remote Office Team

Communicating effectively and clearly with a team located in a different location of the world has always been a big challenge of shifting to office-less work culture says, Fred Auzenne. A majority of the nuances of face-to-face conversations can get lost when it is done over a chain of email conversations. In addition to that, you need to ask yourself this particular question — how to build a work culture when you necessarily require an office? A lot of popular tech companies in the world allow their employees to have flexible remote work from the comfort of any location; this is also a part of the company HR policy, which is why no one can be denied this facility.

 As a matter of fact, about 15% of the employees in the world work remotely full time, and now, thanks to the pandemic, this number has skyrocketed. Adopting a remote working structure can seem overwhelming at the beginning; however, with the passage of time, taking help from various popular remote employee communications solutions, and following the two major tips mentioned in this post, you can opt for effective communication with a team working remotely and make sure that the work is done on or before time.

Deal with the challenges

The first thing is to prepare to adapt to the challenges. Remote work has its own set of challenges and issues. If you have ever worked in what is known as “in-office” roles, adjust. To setting your personal schedule, going back and forth with all sorts of digital communications. And learning that you cannot actually be highly productive right after you log in to the system. Getting up from the bed can be difficult. Consider using a mind map template to deal with all types of obstacles that remote work throws at you. Also, right before your team goes permanently to remote work. Think about all the major obstacles that you might face and get prepare accordingly.

Interact with employees daily

Second, make sure there are regular check-ins on a daily basis with your remote team. One cannot deny the fact that remote working can make you feel lonelier at times. Fred Auzenne says that is why regularly checking in with the concerned team is useful. At various companies, they have a number of video meetings every single day to go through work. Just to catch up or to work on some kind of new idea. Collaboration has to be present in the teams, whether it is physical or digital; it does not matter as long as the work is not impacted. For better video meetings, an active Slack board can be really useful. Checking in is not just for morale; it can let you get any potential roadblocks before they transform into a major.

Consider this post, and also don’t forget to use the best remote employee communications solutions. You can easily remote video streaming tools to your business infrastructure, so your team can connect remotely.