Frozen 2 Takes the World by Storm with a Sparking & Record-Breaking $127 Million

Disney struck pop-culture gold with “Frozen” 6 years ago. It seems to have crafted their way to a major hit yet again with its sequel. Frozen 2 opened to an incredible $127mn domestic and $350mn worldwide haul per early Sunday estimates. Moreover, It makes the new holder of several records. So, these include the highest gross over the opening weekend for an animated film. So, it is the highest collection for a non-summer animated release in the United States. Finally, the largest opening for any offering from Walt Disney Animation Studios.

‘Frozen 2’ Took Off from Just Where ‘Frozen’ Had Left

Frozen 2 is a sequel to 2013’s ‘Frozen’, a 3D computer-animated American musical fantasy movie. Similarly, that was produced by the renowned Walt Disney Animation Studios. The popular fairy tale “The Snow Queen” by Hans Christian Anderson inspires the release of this ‘Walt Disney Pictures’. It is a cool musical fantasy film that hit the theatres just a week ago. After that, It has been acclaimed as the 23rd highest-grossing movie worldwide in 2019.

It has already become Disney’s sixth monster hit of 2019 and also has made over $1 billion globally. The Walt Disney Pictures is looking forward now to ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ as its seventh monster hit. That is slated to release on Dec.20. The Walt Disney film seems to have made over $358 during the initial three days of the movie’s release in 37 nations including the United States of America, The United Kingdom, and China.

The Incredible Opening

Frozen 2 got an impressive $350.2 million weekend opening. The film gathered around $127 million in Canada and also the United States and the remaining $223.2mn were garnered from 37 other markets. The sequel to the highly-acclaimed popular film Frozen is based on two sisters Anna and Elsa. However, it effortlessly broke the box-office record that was set by Toy Story in June 2019. That had an impressive opening at $240.9m globally.

Moreover, the film also beat the original ‘Frozen’ film that had made an impressive $110.6m in 2013 during its opening weekend. In the United States, Frozen 2 made $130mn and became the undisputed biggest or #1 animated movie opening for November 2019 beating The Grinch, the Incredibles, and Frozen 1. As per the thrilled President of Disney’s Theatrical Distribution, Cathleen Taff, it is obviously not so easy to keep up with the original film ‘Frozen’. She admits, “We are cautiously optimistic the film continues to have legs. I think we are going to have a good run.”

Thanks to the simultaneous release worldwide, Frozen 2’s overall box office collections got benefited. Usually, animated films are known to have a far more phased roll out globally that may cut down on the opportunities for a fabulous opening weekend. In the United Kingdom, Frozen 2 achieved box office collections amounting to £15mn that seems to be a new record in the U.K. for any animated film. Frozen 2 has become the third-highest opening of 2019 in the U.K. behind only The Lion King (£16.7mn) and also, the Avengers: Endgame (£43.4mn).

The craze for the Film’s Merchandise Gathering Momentum

The market is flooded with merchandise created by some officially licensed and authorized toymakers. It includes Hasbro anticipating a global merchandise stampede simultaneously with the film’s success and with Xmas around the corner. You could get merchandise right from Elsa and Anna dolls to beautiful castle sets. Disney has been using a lot of foresight this time and has wisely partnered with several more companies for Frozen 2 in comparison to Frozen. Claire’s, the reputed fashion accessory chain would be partnering with Disney as per reports in the Wall Street Journal.