Your Guide To Buying Cutting Edge Kitchen Knives

Regardless of how often or occasional you cook, it is advisable that you own a set of good quality knives. Unfortunately, picking the right set of knives or even one knife can be tough because of different manufacturers and uses. To simplify these complexities, here is your guide to buying the best knives:

  • Uses

Knives are mostly classified depending on their use. You will come across the rounded butter knives, long serrated steak knives, the large table knife, the fish knife, the cheese, and the dessert knife. The latter is usually the smallest in the set. Know what you will use the knife for first before buying.

  • Knife-terminologies

The culinary world is filled with unique words that best classify cooking methods, tastes, foods, or the cutlery. When it comes to buying knives, you must understand the difference between stamped and forged knives.

Stamped knives have uniform thickness throughout and they are created by a cookie-type cutter machine. The forged knives on the other hand are created from single molten steel, then beaten into the desired shape. They are also highly priced and they have a sturdy blade. The stamped knives are better in performance and they are more flexible.

  • What you need

The temptation of owning a whole set of knives is strong. However, you will have to decide whether you need all the knives. Just get the essential knives. A utility knife, chef’s knife, a paring knife, and a slicer should be in your kitchen. The others can be added later on.

  • The care of knives

How do you care for your knives? Or rather, how will you care for your knives? The most probable reason why you are looking to buy new knives could be the fact that the old ones are corroded or they weren’t carefully cleaned and stored. First of all, you buy corrosion resistant knives then avoid leaving knives in the sink or putting them in the dishwasher. As you buy them, let your household know about care and use of the knives.

  • Handle

You should look for a knife with an excellent handle. Top rated knives, such as the ones highlighted by our friends from have good handles that give the best grip when holding and using the knives. The handle is the only part which you will safely use when chopping, cutting or even cleaning and it should therefore withstand the pressure for a long time.

  • Number of knives in a set

A knife set has between 2 and 26 knives in the set. Do you need all those knives? Or who would need them? If buying the knives for a friend who is a chef, you will need to consider the designer of the knives, the durability, and use of these knives.

In conclusion, these few guidelines on knives will give you direction when on you next cutlery or knife shopping. You will note that there are different types of knives, uses and prices. Get the knife or knives within your budget and knives that will be used in the kitchen.


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